What is the cost of moving a mobile home long distance?
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Cost to move a mobile home 1800 miles

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Asked by Ed

January 9, 2014 under Others

How much to move a mobile home single-wide

Answered by Robert Moreschi

January 10, 2014
Hi, thanks for visiting Movers.com! While the exact cost of moving your mobile home 1,800 miles will largely depend on several factors specific to your mobile home and your particular move, the average cost for relocating a mobile home is around $10,000.
For a more exact price estimate for your mobile home relocation, I would suggest you contact a moving company who could service your move, particularly one that specializes in relocating mobile homes. All you have to do is visit Movers.com and fill out our free and easy-to-use quote form. Simply enter your contact information and your moving information (Moving from zip code and moving to zip code, moving date and size of your move) and you'll be contacted by up to 7 different movers in your area who can assist you with moving your mobile home.
When you receive your free moving estimates for your small move, make sure to compare the quotes to find the best deal for you. Also, visit our moving reviews page to read some reviews on the moving companies you are deciding between so you can see what other customers have to say about them and you can make an educated and informed decision.
Preparing your mobile home for the move
  • Remove all exterior attachments. If you have a porch attached to your house, or anything else that can possibly hinder its transport on moving day, you should remove it. That means any flower baskets, hanging gardens, awnings, window boxes, lanterns, lights, or anything else that can potentially fly off while the house is being moved.
  • Make sure that all utilities are turned off. Prior to the move, turn off all utilities like electricity, water, and gas. Also make sure that all cable, television and telephone lines have been properly disconnected and that there is no chance for any of your lines to be damaged during the move.
  • Remove everything from the interior of the house that is valuable or can be easily damaged during the move. When your house is lifted up onto the flatbed truck to be moved, the interior contents of the home will be jostled around quite a bit. To combat this, you should empty most of the big contents from your home just as you would before any other move. Also remove any chemicals, liquids and anything that is combustible or flammable.
  • Prepare for your moving day by checking the weather. Check the weather forecast for your moving date and make sure that the weather will not have a major impact on the relocation of your home. If there is bad weather scheduled for your moving date, check with the movers to ask about rescheduling the move.
  • Secure the exterior of the home. To make sure everything on the exterior of your home is secure, check your roofing and siding for any pieces that are loose or in danger of becoming loose and fix them before the move.
  • Communication with your movers and the driver is important. Before your move gets off the ground, give your driver detailed instructions and directions on how to reach the destination, and instruct the driver on what to do when the home arrives at its new lot.
To learn more about moving your mobile home and how they differ, as well as to read up about any other moving-related topic, visit our moving guides section, where you'll find an extensive list of moving guides on just about any subject you can think of.
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