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Do floor installers move furniture?

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Asked by Leo

December 26, 2020 under Others

To know if the floor installers will also help to move furniture or not read on.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 27, 2022

move furniture during flooringIf you have decided to install floors in your house, make sure to remove any big sofa, cabinetry, or table that can obstruct your work. You should either ask the flooring installation company to move furniture for you or hire professional moving companies or do it by yourself.

Do floor installers move furniture?

More than likely, floor installers will move furniture for you, but you need to find out if they would charge you extra for it or not. There are a few floors installation companies who would include this in the estimate they have given you and will help you save time. Alternatively, it will increase the cost if you choose to take the furniture moving service by paying an additional cost.

You should consider completing the following tasks even if the floor installers you have hired will move the furniture for you:

  • Devote a few hours to clearing your personal belongings.
  • You should ensure your cabinets, closets, and drawers are empty before moving them to a different room or place.

For example, if you have hired a hardwood installation company, they may ask you to remove any fragile items or computer equipment you possess. The floor installers will only do the heavy lifting for you, exceptions can be antiques or granite tables for which you may need to hire professional movers. If you have planned to install carpet flooring, you will just be required to move your laminated or prefinished hardwood furniture to another room and put it back to its original place once the work is done.

How to prepare your house for floor installation?

  • Clear up your room- You may have to take out your curtains, detachable light fixtures, and wall art from the room. Consider storing them in a safe place so that you can find them easily after the floor installation is done. There are chances that when you move furniture there must be dust settled in the vacant spaces. So, you may cover the windows with a piece of cloth and take out your dresses from the wardrobe, otherwise, the accumulation of dust can damage your items. There are chances that when you move furniture there must be dust settled in the vacant spaces.
  • Keep a separate area for furniture- Although the professionals will move your furniture still you should set an area aside where you can keep these items after you have moved them. The floors of your house should be clear for the flooring installers to move and do their work efficiently.
  • Identify a place for pets and children- Make sure to put the kids and pets far from the worksite as the doors would be open and a lot of heavy lifting would take place.

3 strategies to manage furniture during flooring installation

  1. Shed storage or garage- You can easily opt for this option if you have an outdoor storage space to keep your furniture. Make sure that the garage is waterproof as you might not want to damage your furniture due to the penetration of water.
  2. Musical chairs- The easiest way would be to shift your furniture to another room while the flooring installation is being done in a specific room.
  3. Short-term storage- Though renting a short-term storage unit would be costly, it can make things easier, secure, and safe for you.


We expect these tips to make it easier for you to plan to install floors in your house or apartment. There are multiple options available for you but if you want to reduce your stress you can hire professional movers who will help you to move your furniture. If you don't have the budget, consider the strategies we have discussed to manage your furniture while you are getting the new floor installed at your home.

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