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Do I have to refill the tank when returning the truck?

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Asked by Wayne

January 3, 2020 under Moving Truck Rental

Will the truck rentals charge us for not filling the tank? Can you please let me know how to avoid being charged for fuel when returning?

Answered by Staff Writer

January 6, 2020

Yes! When you're returning the rental truck, it's your responsibility to refill the gas tank with the same amount of gas it had when you received it. If you fail to refill the tank, the company will charge you for the gas that you used. Also, they often charge a much higher price per gallon than you'll get at your local gas station.

Truck rental companies - Fuel Policy

Each truck rental company has its own rules and policies on fuel. These rules and policies are applicable to every truck rental reservation you make. Usually, rental trucks are supplied with a full tank of fuel, but at the time of returning:

  • You may have to refuel the vehicle to the same level you received it or
  • You may have to prepay for the fuel

As a customer, it's your choice as to how would you like to pay for the fuel. But remember, when you're returning the truck, make sure not to fill the tank with the wrong type of fuel.

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