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Do I have to unpack dressers and empty for movers before packing?

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April 6, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 17, 2013


Just the thought of the word is tiresome. But it is a necessary evil when moving from one place to the next. Boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets and newspaper all around the house making a mess. But again, it must be done. The only way to avoid the chore is to hire a professional service to do your packing for you.

Empty Dressers

If you hire a full-service company, you are responsible for emptying all of your dresser drawers. Moving companies will not transport furnishings that are full of clothes or belongings for two reasons. One, it makes the furniture heavier than need be. Two, the possibility of damaging any property in the unpacked drawers is higher than if the belongings were placed carefully in a box.

Though unpacking your dressers seems like a tedious task, it is not an option if you hire a full-service. The only way to avoid emptying drawers is if you are moving the furniture yourself and you choose to tape the compartments to the main frame of the dresser. However, by doing so you are risking damage to any fragile belongings inside the dresser drawer.

Pack Up

Once your belongings are out of your dresser drawer, it is time to pack up. There are many packing materials available to protect your belongings during transport.

Getting your goods out of the drawers and into boxes well before the movers show up is a good idea. You do not want to be in the movers way when they begin lifting heavy furniture in the house. Figuratively speaking, the movers you hire have your life in their hands, carrying your most precious belongings at their side. A good way to thank the laborers who help you is to tip movers when the job is done.

To choose a company to move your unpacked dressers and household belongings, visit Movers.com to receive free convenient quotes. After you have made your move, please kindly fill out a moving review, informing others about the performance of the company you choose to move with.

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