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Do I need to be present at the pickup or delivery?

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Asked by Sunny

December 13, 2019 under Auto Transport

Ive chosen a car shipping company to transport my vehicle, can I send my friend to pick my vehicle at the location?

Answered by Staff Writer

March 16, 2020

Yes. Many car shipping companies require you or a designated person to be present upon the pickup of your vehicle. It's because you'll need to sign a contract called "bill of lading" when you go to pick up the vehicle. If you're unable to pick up your vehicle, you can call the company prior to the pick-up date to confirm an alternate person (let's say your wife, friend, or relative) to be responsible for your vehicle. However, if there are any changes made to the pick-up or delivery location, after you've placed the order, additional charges may apply.

For more details, you can read our guide Your responsibilities when shipping a vehicle.

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