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Do movers wrap furniture for free?

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Asked by Carrie

January 16, 2021 under Others

Will movers wrap my furniture?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 14, 2021

When you are moving any furniture item, it's important to prevent scratches during shipping. Usually, movers wrap the furniture into moving blankets and pad the item before they load it onto the truck. This provides protection against surface damage. However, sometimes the moving crew may ask you to keep the items ready for loading, especially if you are only paying them for loading and transport services.

Some furniture pieces are wrapped in industrial cardboard while the upholstered pieces need shrink wrapping. It depends on the type and quality of furniture you are moving. Movers are well aware of the techniques and material needed for the move. To get a clearer idea, the best thing is to ask the moving company before you hire them. They will not only tell you what material is needed to wrap the furniture but they can also wrap it perfectly using their expertise.

If it is just one big furniture piece that needs to be wrapped, it is less likely that the mover will charge anything just to wrap it up. However, if you have a lot of heavy furniture that needs wrapping, the mover may not agree to accommodate your demands. Here is a guide on how much will packing services cost you that can help you out with your budget planning.

How much does it cost to wrap the furniture?

The best way to wrap furniture in a cost-effective way is to get the supplies and do the job yourself. Although you will need to buy the packing material, you won’t need to pay anything to the movers. You can also avoid the labor charges by requesting your friends for help if you need a hand. Usually, the kind of material used in wrapping furniture items include:

  • Plastic wrap ($10-$25 per unit)
  • Bubble wrap ($10-$25 per unit)
  • Furniture Pad ($8 per unit)
  • Moving blanket ($10 per unit on rent)
  • Sofa and mattress cover ($20- $200 depending on size and quality)
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets ($0.17 to $10 per sheet depending on size)
  • If you are considering hiring professionals to pack your belongings, the moving company will charge an hourly rate of $50-$80 per mover. The actual price is determined based on how big your house is how many items they need to wrap. They will also charge for disassembling furniture, padding, and wrapping it before loading.

Wrapping furniture by yourself

Read our guide on renting moving blankets and other supplies to know the details.

How to wrap furniture by yourself

Wrapping the furniture properly before the move is a crucial part of the process. You need to know what material you need depending on the type of furniture you are moving. For example, you must be aware of what would be the best material to wrap your leather couch and how to protect your glass-top table for the move.

You may also need to disassemble the furniture first and clean it to make sure there is no dirt or moisture trapped inside the wrapped pieces. If you are not sure about the technique, read our guide on how to pack and protect your furniture for a move.

Packing the furniture by yourself vs hiring professionals

Whether you decide to pack furniture by yourself or hire professionals for the job, there are some advantages and disadvantages for both of these choices. In the DIY approach, you will have more liberty and won’t have to spend much on the wrapping. However, it may not turn out to be perfect as you may have difficulty wrapping heavy furniture by yourself. Moreover, it will take a lot of time and effort.

On the other hand, movers will charge you for the packing and will follow their own approach. Furthermore, you will have less control and you may not feel fully comfortable letting strangers handle your valuable furniture. But at the same time, it will be less tiring for you as you will be able to concentrate on other aspects of the move. If you choose a reputable company with good reviews and high ratings, you can rely on the movers’ professional services.

Instead of choosing either of these options, it is best to combine both approaches. This way, you can reduce the risk of damage while saving money on the move. Pack all moving boxes by yourself and ask the movers to pack only the fragile and heavy items. Thus, you will only be paying for whatever the movers handle.

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