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Do truck rental companies check for a driver's license?

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Asked by Monika

January 16, 2020 under Moving Truck Rental

Do truck rentals companies check for a drivers license?

Answered by Staff Writer

January 17, 2020

Yes, the rental companies check renter's and additional driver's license to ensure that they are valid.

What is a valid driver's license?

A valid driver's license is a driving permit in your name issued by the US government. The minimum age to get a restricted driver's license in the United States is 16 (in some states), and other states require you to be at least 18 years old. But some states like Alaska, Iowa, Kansas allow teens (probably 14-16 years of age) to drive the vehicle if they are approved for a hardship permit or license.

Do truck rentals accept any other form of identification in lieu of a driver's license?

Yes, truck rentals accept official summonses or traffic citations in the place of driver's license. But this is acceptable only in seven states: Georgia, Missouri, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Indiana, Illinois. Remember, citations are accepted until the date of court summons and you need to provide the second form of identification (like passport, company ID, or any State issued ID) with a signature on it to reserve your truck.

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