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do you pay in advance? if so how does that work if you need more than allotted time?

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Asked by Debbie

August 24, 2013 under Others

what is the code? how do you pay ? what if there is an extra hour

Answered by Nicole La Capria

August 26, 2013

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You do not pay your mover until after your move is complete. Moving deposits are uncommon and if asked for one by a potential company, you should be wary. Requesting a down payment can be a telltale sign of a rogue mover, so further research or a background check may be required to ensure that it is a reliable company.

The amount on your final bill can differ from the initial estimate you were given. This will depend on the type of estimate you received--binding, non-binding, or binding not-to-exceed.

A binding estimate cannot be changed, and you will pay the same amount that you were quoted even if your move takes more time than expected or your goods weigh more than your movers calculated.

A non-binding estimate means that your movers can ultimately charge you more or less when your move is complete, but cannot exceed ten percent of the original quote.

A binding not-to-exceed estimate is ideal--if your move ends up being less costly than your movers thought, they can reduce the price on your final bill. However, they cannot raise the price above your original quote, even if it takes an extra several hours to complete. (Note: exceptions can be made for unforeseen special services, such as stair carries).

Before choosing any company for hire, you should receive at least three in-house estimates from three different moving companies. To begin comparing free quotes from movers in your area, fill out the fast and easy quote form here at! We can connect you with up to seven reliable moving companies ready to service your relocation! Don't forget to stop back and tell us all about your experience by writing a moving review!

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