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How do I estimate the # of small, medium & large boxes for each room to get best quotes?

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Asked by John

August 6, 2014 under Others

Estimating sizes & Number of Boxes

Answered by Mike Sannitti

August 6, 2014

Thanks for visiting Let me see if I can help you with your question about estimating the number and sizes of boxes for packing each room.

There is no one way to move all items, so it may be hard to estimate how many boxes you will need to move a room until you actually pack everything. However, we have a couple guides that may help you make an estimate for the purpose of getting an accurate quote.

Check out The Different Sizes of Moving Boxes to get some information on which items are appropriate to move in which boxes. DVDs and books can go in small boxes while clothes can go in larger boxes, for example.

Then you can check How to Know How Many Boxes You Need For Your Move to get information on the number of boxes necessary to move an average room. This guide has a chart that should show you an estimation of how many boxes you may need to move a number of rooms in your house. Each room should require about 10-12 boxes of varying sizes.

Once you know the sizes of the boxes needed for your items, you can estimate the number of each type of box for each room in your house. It should help you get an accurate quote, but remember that it is always going to be just a rough estimate until you actually do the packing.

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