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How do I pack the wooden shelves from several bookcases?

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Asked by Carol

January 28, 2013 under Others

I packed the glass shelves in mirror boxes, but the wooden shelves are heavy and there are alot, so how do I pack them?

Answered by Jenna Farmer

April 15, 2013

Robert is right in that every shelf should be wrapped individually in ensure a safe trip for your furniture to your new home. However, depending on what type of wood your shelves are made out of, and how long your shelves will be in transit, it may be best to take a few extra steps. Get a free quote here at for moving companies that can help you with this process.

Clean and Polish Your Shelves

Wood dries out over time, plain and simple. After you've done your part to disassemble all of your shelving, thoroughly dust all shelving, then use a wood furniture polish to wipe down all of your shelving before packing. If your shelves will be in transit for a week or two, this will saturate the wood and give it added protection against the elements. Make sure all hardware like screws, nails, etc. are removed from shelving before packing as well - these items can be packed in small plastic bag.

Wrap Your Shelves

While bubble wrap may be OK for a small, short move, it can be potentially deadly for a move taking longer than a week, or with furniture being stored in storage units that aren't climate controlled. In high heat, the plastic can melt, so you may be better off wrapping the shelves in multiple layers of heavy craft paper, or a material with natural fibers that won't stick to your furniture. After you've wrapped them, it is safe to tape them (do not put tape directly on wooden furniture, you'll end up with residue that can be tricky removing without taking off the wood's finish). Once the shelves are taped, you can then wrap them in moving blankets or towels as Robert suggests.

Be aware that this extra packing will make your solid wood shelves even heavier, so you make want some tips for packing heavy items or how to protect your belongings.

Answered by Robert Moreschi

January 31, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! Your question is a good one, and I'll be happy to answer it. First, your method of packing your glass shelves in mirror boxes is a good way to keep them secure and prevent them from being damaged during the move. However, the wooden shelves are a bit bulkier and won't really fit in any conventional boxes or packaging.

Thus, the best method for shipping them during your move and making sure they stay protected is to wrap each shelf individually with one or two layers of foam packing cushion or bubble wrap, and then secure each one in a moving blanket. If you don't have any professional moving blankets, you can use old blankets or towels of your own. Make sure to wrap each shelf tightly within the bubble wrap and blankets and secure them using packing tape.

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