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How do you move a king-size purple mattress?

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Asked by Brenda

January 25, 2021 under Others

What is a good way to move my Purple mattress?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 23, 2021

Moving a Purple mattress can be a challenge. If you're looking for the most effective way to move your mattresses, here are some tips for you.

Hire movers or get help from your friend: Moving a mattress is easiest if you hire professionals or have a friend to help you, since Purple mattresses are heavy, bulky, and challenging to move alone.

Purple Mattress

  • Use a plastic mattress bag for moving: The only thing we can use to move a king-size Purple mattress is to use a mattress bag. Find a mattress bag for moving that fits its size from a moving company or from a store that sells packing supplies. Make sure that your king-size Purple mattress doesn’t touch the floor as you place it inside the bag because it might cause any damage.
  • Fold the mattress in half: A king-size purple mattress is difficult to drag or lift by yourself. To make the process easier, fold the mattress in half so that its height and width are reduced.
  • Use More Straps: You can use the straps after folding the mattress to make it stronger. If you use the straps, it makes your work easier. If you are worried about the cost of straps, then no need to worry. You can get them in the market at very low prices.
  • Secure the mattress in a sturdy mattress-sized box: If you can’t fold your mattress, try reinforcing it with a slab of cardboard or secure it in a mattress-sized box and then tie it down with straps. This will keep your mattress from flopping around as you move.

How to transport a king-size mattress?

Now that your king-size Purple mattress is packed and ready for the move. Here are some important tips for moving a mattress.

  • Get the right vehicle: You can use a moving van to carry your mattress or you can tie it to the top of your car or truck. Make sure that it’s centered over the vehicle so that it will be safe during transit.?
  • Ship your mattress: If you’re looking to move your mattress a long distance, you have the option to ship your mattress. Read more: Shipping Options. Find a company online that will ship your mattress for you but before that make sure your mattress is well covered.
  • Use a dolly or cart: Use some wheels to help you out when moving your mattress from your home to the vehicle, especially if you’re moving it by yourself. This will be helpful if you have to carry a mattress up a flight of stairs alone.

Additional tips for moving a king size mattress

  • Make sure that you have a clear path before moving your mattress. You might run into an obstacle while moving a mattress. So try carrying your mattress in sideways or at an angle to make it fit.
  • Load the mattress onto the truck with the help of a friend. If the mattress contains memory foam, load it flat in the vehicle as moving it sideways may shift the foam-filled inside the mattress.

Unpacking and setting up your mattress

Once your mattress arrives at your new place, here’s how to complete the set-up process.

  • Unwrap it as soon as possible.
  • After unpacking, you can temporarily store the mattress in your room while you set up your bed frame and other bedroom furniture.
  • Deep clean your mattress since it’s probably gathered some dirt from the moving process and years of use.
  • Once you’ve cleaned it, you can set up your bed frame and put your mattress on it.
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