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How do you wrap a coffee table for moving?

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December 21, 2020 under Others

To learn to protect your coffee table while you are on a move, read on.

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February 2, 2022

moving a coffee tableMost coffee tables are easy to wrap unless they are antique furniture pieces that need special care. Wrapping up a piece of furniture isn't as easy as packing your clothes or bedding, which you just need to fold and put in labeled boxes. Let’s explore how you can wrap a coffee table for moving and ensure its safe arrival at your new home.

How do you wrap a coffee table for moving?

A glass coffee table is not only bulky but even fragile and delicate. You must be careful and alert while you pack, move, or load a coffee table into a moving truck. This will help you prevent any kind of damage, cracks, or scratches on your glass tabletop.

Many people tend to make the mistake of wrapping up their coffee table directly in shrink wrap, which can damage the table. A coffee table isn’t only made of glass but also marble or wood, so you need to understand how to correctly wrap them based on their types.

Disassembling a Coffee Table

Regardless of the coffee table type you have, disassembling it would be the first step you need to take.

  • Disassemble the coffee table and wrap each part separately. This will not only save space in the cargo van but also protect your living room furniture piece from damage.
  • Consider placing the tabletop on a moving blanket as this will help you avoid scratches.
  • Ensure to place the coffee table in a way such that its legs are up in the air. If you have a marble tabletop, consider positioning the table on its side rather than putting it flat down.
  • Remove the table legs either by twisting or unscrewing them off. Make sure to keep the screws aside in a plastic bag so that you find them easily when required. Also, you can tape the plastic bag to one of the table’s legs as you might not want to misplace it.

Steps to wrap the Coffee Table legs

Always begin with the legs before wrapping a tabletop. Mostly, you can wrap them up in a moving blanket or a shrink wrap and then fasten them with tape. For instance, if you have wooden legs consider using foam padding or a moving blanket and let the material breathe.

Now we will recommend to you a few ways to wrap distinct types of tabletops:

Glass tabletops

  • Since a glass tabletop is fragile, consider wrapping it first with a Kraft or packing paper and then securing it with tape. Also, you need to ensure to use the tape on the packing paper itself.
  • Next, you should consider wrapping the tabletop with bubble wrap and again, securing it with tape.
  • The packing paper used by you will serve as an obstruction against the air pocket in the bubble wrap, preventing any impression that it could leave behind on your glass tabletop.
  • Consider measuring the size of the wrapped glass tabletop and purchase a specialty telescopic box accordingly.

Tip: You can purchase the telescopic box either from online retailers like Amazon and U-Line or even consider making them at your home.

Marble tabletops

  • A marble or stone tabletop is much heavier than a glass tabletop, but both are equally fragile.
  • Avoid placing a marble tabletop flat, instead, you should position it upright.
  • Distribute the whole weight of the tabletop vertically as this would prevent it from cracking during the move.
  • You should use sufficient cardboard while you pack the tabletop and make sure to cover both its top as well as the bottom.
  • Alternatively, you can buy crates or specialty cartons to pack your marble tabletop and make it ready for the move.

Wooden tabletops

  1. First, you should wrap a wooden tabletop properly with a moving blanket and then secure it with packing tape.
  2. Second, you should add a layer of bubble wrap and provide extra protection to your wooden tabletop.
  3. Third, you can buy telescopic boxes to place the packed tabletop and make it ready for the move.

If you don’t have the confidence to wrap a coffee table for moving by yourself, consider hiring professional movers who will handle your table with utmost care. Also, you can connect with the experts at who will help you pack your coffee table efficiently and move it safely to your new home.

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