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How do you wrap a dresser for moving?

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December 6, 2020 under Others

What’s the best way to wrap a dresser?

Answered by Staff Writer

August 3, 2021

Dressers and other heavy furniture require protective wrapping to cover and protect them from accidents while moving. Read on the tips below to know what you'll need to wrap your dresser and how you can move the heavy furniture easily.

What do you need to wrap a dresser for moving

  • Measuring tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Stretch wrap

How you can wrap and move a dresser

Wrapping and moving a heavy dresser can never be easy. Read the following to know what’s the best way to move a heavy dresser.

Empty your dresser

Leaving items inside the dresser will make your furniture heavier and more difficult to move. So, before moving, empty the drawers of your dresser completely and pack all items carefully in another box.

Remove all the shelves and mirrors

If your dresser has any attached shelves and mirrors, remove all of them and pack them carefully in a moving blanket. This keeps them safe while in transit.

Use protective blankets to keep your dresser safe

Wrap the blankets over and around the empty dresser, leaving no surface area exposed. This helps protect from scratches and dings. To get an idea of how it’s all done, read our guide, how to wrap a dresser for moving.

Apply packing tape and shrink wrap

Once you wrap your dresser, secure it with packing tape. Then, tilt the dresser on its side so you can wrap the tape around the sides of the dresser as well. Make sure to use plenty of tape so the movers can lift the dresser by gripping the tape.

To keep it more secure, wrap the entire dresser in shrink wrap. Read more: How to pack and protect your furniture for a move.

Note: Never wrap any wood furniture in plastic shrink wrap directly as plastic traps condensation and the moisture will destroy the wood’s finishing.

Now you are all set to move…here’s the best way to move a dresser

Your dresser is now ready to make its move to your new home. Heavy furniture can be hazardous to move; make sure you have a partner to help lift when moving your dresser or have the movers take care of the move for you. Here are some tips on how to move a dresser.

  • Make sure your moving way is clear and free of obstacles.
  • Measure your doorways and hallways so your furniture can pass through freely
  • Use the moving straps underneath the dresser. It puts less stress on your body and makes it easier to carry heavy furniture.
  • When you are carrying heavy furniture to load onto the truck, know how many stairs you have to descend or climb in advance and have another person to direct you while you carefully carry the dresser.
  • Get help from movers while you slide the dolly underneath your large dresser. Do this slowly and make sure you use the proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries.
  • Finally, while loading the dresser onto the truck, you can use the truck liftgate to put the dresser safely inside the truck.

Keep in mind that moving a large and heavy dresser to a new home is a challenging task that involves a number of risks for the people involved in the process, the furniture item itself, and the property you’re moving out of and later the property you are moving into. If it is difficult to move by yourself, then just leave it all to movers. Visit our moving estimate cost calculator and how much it will cost you to have professional movers pack and move your dresser.

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