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How many boxes to move with 3 bedroom apartment?

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September 20, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Jenna Farmer

September 25, 2013

Figuring out packing materials can be a headache sometimes. There area lot of variables when it comes to packing up your belongings and moving out - especially when it comes to boxes, because the size and quantity will depend greatly on the amount of belongings you’ll be wrapping up and packing for the move.

Maybe you have a lot of oddly shaped fragile items, or clothing that requires wardrobe boxes. Meanwhile, someone else in the same size apartment may only have the bare essentials that will require less packing materials.

How Many Boxes

A three bedroom apartment will require approximately 20-25 medium boxes, 10-12 large boxes, and 8-10 extra large boxes. This is assuming you have an average amount of belongings in your home, and these figures do not include any oddly shaped boxes or wardrobe boxes. Furniture, of course, is a separate matter as well.

Determining how many boxes you will need can be tricky, but to help, you can check outour moving guides section, which has plenty of information to help you get packing!

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