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How much are boxes at the U Haul?

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Asked by Bryce

January 20, 2021 under Others

How expensive are moving boxes from U-Haul?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 20, 2021

U-Haul moving boxes are available at a wide price range depending on their type and sizes. You can buy moving boxes at U-Haul at anywhere between $0.87 and $14 per unit. The exact price depends on the size of the moving box you are buying based on your requirement. U-Haul sells all kinds of moving boxes including heavy-duty boxes, luggage boxes, wardrobe boxes, packing kits, and so on.

List of U-Haul moving boxes with prices:

Regular Box:

Small $0.87
Medium $1.37
Large $1.67
Extra Large $2.37

Heavy Duty Double-Walled Box:

Small $1.87
Medium $2.67
Large $3.77
Extra Large $4.89

Electronics Box:

Small $5.95
Medium $7.95
Large $9.95

Wardrobe Box:

Laydown $5.95
Shorty $8.95
Small $10.95
EZ/Medium $11.95
Large $13.95


Wine shipping kit $4.95
Cell kit $7.95
Dish saver kit $10.95
Glass pack kit $10.95
Medium TV moving box kit $13.95
Flat-panel TV moving box kit $13.95
Easy pack box kit $39.95
Ultimate TV packing kit $48.75
Apartment kit $89.79
1-2 bedroom kit $190.29
3-4 bedroom kit $277.43
4+ bedroom master kit $433.72

Utility Box:

Book box $1.25
File box $3.00
Letter tote box $3.75
Dishwasher glass pack box $4.00
Legal tote box $4.00
Lamp box $4.95
Yard sale box $5.45
Sport utility box $5.95
Dish barrel box $5.95
Travel/luggage box $6.95
Mirror and picture box $4.95 to 7.95

U-Haul Plastic Moving Boxes

If you don't wish to buy cardboard moving boxes, you can rent Ready-To-Go U-Haul Boxes. These are plastic moving boxes that you can reserve and pick up on your schedule. Once the move is over, return them to the same U-Haul location. To reserve your plastic moving box at U-Haul, you can visit their official website and enter your zip code. It will give you all the information regarding the rental charges and the availability of the boxes.

This is an eco-friendly way of moving as it doesn’t create any waste and is also convenient to move and store valuables. These boxes are water-resistant, durable, and do not require any assembly. You don’t even need to buy any packing tape or box cutter for the move. The best part is that U-Haul doesn’t have a minimum requirement in terms of the rental period or box quantity.

Saving money on moving boxes at U-Haul:

If you want to save money on the U-Haul moving boxes, here are some tips you can follow:

One of the best ways to save money when buying boxes is to buy in bulk. The moving boxes at U-Haul have a lower bundle price. Therefore, if you buy the boxes in packs of 10, 15, or 20 you will be paying less per unit. Moreover, if you buy more than required, you can return the extra boxes and get a refund.

Another way to save money when buying moving boxes is to use both cardboard boxes and plastic totes for the move. Use cardboard boxes to pack books or even heavy appliances and utilize the plastic totes to move dry items that need protection from moisture and mold.

How to get free moving boxes at U-Haul?

Although you cannot walk into a U-Haul store and get a new moving box without paying anything, you can get used boxes and leftover moving boxes free of cost:

There is a "Take a Box, Leave a Box" section at every U-Haul store. When customers who have rented a U-Haul moving truck come to return it, they have the option to drop their boxes in this area. Walk into any U-Haul store near you and you will find these used moving boxes and other supplies that you can use free of cost. This is an initiative by U-Haul to encourage re-use of boxes thereby preventing wastage.

U-Haul’s other effort to reduce wastage led the company to create the U-Haul Exchange. This is a platform where customers can post about their leftover boxes after their move. You can reach out to such people if they are nearby your area and re-use their boxes.

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