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How much does a china cabinet weigh?

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September 20, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Jenna Farmer

September 30, 2013

A China cabinet can be one of the largest items in your moving inventory. Most of the time, they are tall, wide, and made with solid wood and heavy glass. You can use our weight cost calculator at Movers.com to get an idea of how much an average China cabinet weighs, and what it would cost you to have it moved.

Though weight can vary on China cabinets depending on the size and materials used to make them, a typical weight range is somewhere between 250-300 pounds.

Tips for packing your China cabinet

First, you should remove all the contents from your China cabinet to reduce the weight. You will also want to remove the shelves inside the cabinet, and set them aside for packing later.

Any parts to the cabinet that can be disassembled and packed separately should be – this will prevent mishaps like doors swinging open during transit. You can find out more information about how to pack a China cabinet by reading our full-length guide.

Hire professionals

Moving heavy items can be a pain, literally. If you are not equipped with the correct materials, you could end up injuring yourself. If you don’t want the added stress of packing and moving yourself, you can begin to compare moving companies right here at Movers.com! All you have to do is fill out a fast and easy quote form, and you will be connected with up to seven reputable moving services in your area – for FREE!

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