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How much does a coffee table weigh?

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September 20, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Robert Moreschi

September 24, 2013

Hi, thanks for visiting! To answer your question of how much a coffee table weighs, you'll find that the average coffee table can weigh anywhere from 10-50 pounds, depending on the size of the table and materials that it is made from. For example, a small wooden coffee table would be on the lower end of the scale, weighing in the 10-20 pound range, whereas a larger coffee table made of heavy material such as glass or iron will weigh much more, in the 40-50 pound range or even higher.

Your coffee table is an integral part of your living room decor and often helps to tie your room together along with your couches and chairs, so protecting your coffee table during a move is important. Here are some tips on how to pack and wrap your coffee table and how to prepare it for your move:

Protecting your coffee table

  • Wrap the legs of the table with moving blankets or pads. If you do not have any moving blankets, old towels or even old t-shirts will work. These will protect the legs from being damaged during the move and they'll also prevent your floor from being scratched or marked as you move the table around.
  • For glass-topped tables, remove the top and wrap it separately for added protection. Glass-topped coffee tables are extra delicate and can be tricky to move, so it's best for you to remove the glass top and wrap it separately from the rest of the table so it can be protected properly while in transit.
Moving your coffee table
  • Always have help when moving heavier tables. If you have a heavy coffee table, especially one made from glass or metal, you should always have one or two extra people available to help you move it and load it into the moving truck to avoid damaging it and to avoid injuring yourself while trying to lift it.
  • Hire small movers to assist you if you're only moving a few items. If you'll only be moving your coffee table and a few other items, you should consider hiring small movers to help you out with your move. Small movers are available to assist with smaller moving loads that regular moving companies wo not.
To find some movers in your area that can assist you with moving your coffee table, simply visit the front page of and fill out our free and easy-to-use quote form at the top of the page. You'll then be contacted by up to 7 moving companies that will provide you with a no-obligation estimate for your move.
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