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How much does a refrigerator weigh?

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September 20, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Robert Moreschi

September 27, 2013
Anyone who has ever had to move a refrigerator can tell you first hand -- it's not easy! That's because refrigerators are heavy. How heavy exactly? Well, on average a refrigerator can weigh anywhere between 180-360 pounds, depending on the size and model.
Moving a refrigerator requires a lot of preparation and a lot of heavy lifting, so it's best to go into your move with a plan and to be prepared for loading your refrigerator onto the truck and moving it to your new home safely and securely.
Preparing your refrigerator for the move
  • Remove all contents from the fridge prior to moving. Before you even unplug the refrigerator, you should gradually begin emptying it of its contents and food a few days before your move. You want to make sure that the refrigerator is completely empty once it comes time to move, as the refrigerator will then be unplugged and will remain on the back of the moving truck for quite some time, so you do not any food lingering in there.
  • Unplug the fridge and clean the inside of it thoroughly. After the fridge has been emptied, you may unplug it and clean the inside of the refrigerator thoroughly to prepare it for the move. Also, if there are any removable shelves or trays in the fridge, remove them and pack them separately to reduce the weight of the fridge when you move it and to also prevent them from being jostled around during the move.
  • Remove the door of the fridge. Removing the door of the fridge will make it much lighter, and much easier to grab hold of and move when it comes time to load it onto the truck.
Moving your refrigerator
  • Use the proper moving equipment to load the refrigerator onto the truck. Like all large, heavy appliances, you should have the help of multiple people when moving the refrigerator. If you have access to a handtruck or dolly, you should use it in order to help you safely transport the refrigerator onto the moving truck.
  • Hire professional movers to lend a hand. Large, heavy items like refrigerators are difficult to move on your own, which is why it's always a smart idea to hire professional movers and packers to handle it for you.
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To read more about the moving process, visit our moving guides section where you'll find over 1,000 different moving guides on all kinds of topics.
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