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How much does an entertainment center weigh?

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September 20, 2013 under Moving Labor

Answered by Robert Moreschi

September 24, 2013

Entertainment centers tend to vary in size, but for the most part they are big, heavy and cumbersome to move. On average, your typical entertainment center will weigh anywhere between 100 and 200 pounds, depending on how large the unit is.

Types of entertainment centers

But to get a better idea of how big your entertainment center is, you should determine what kind of entertainment center you have. Since there are many different variations of what an entertainment center is, there is also a variation on how big or small they are and how much they weigh. While a smaller unit, with only a few shelves to store some books or DVDs and a space to put your television, might weigh around 100 pounds, a larger one with compartments for DVD players, record players, sound systems, books, movies, and additional storage might weigh between 150-200 pounds.

Tips for packing an entertainment center

That's heavy -- and chances are you're going to be moving a lot more! So you've already established how much the entertainment center weighs, now all you have to do is pack it -- easier said than done. Packing and wrapping an entertainment center, like any other heavy item or large piece of furniture, takes a lot of time and patience to make sure that you've packed it securely. Here are some additional packing tips for your entertainment center:

  • Empty everything from the shelves and cabinets before preparing the unit. Before you begin wrapping and prepping the entertainment center for the move, make sure you've removed all electronics from the unit and taken your TV and all books, records, movies and other items down and packed them away separately in their own boxes.
  • Use moving pads and blankets to protect the entertainment center on the truck. To keep your unit from being scratched, nicked and damaged while on the truck, cover it in at least one or two layers of moving blankets to avoid having it collide with other items while in transit.
  • Hire professional movers to lend a hand. Large, heavy items like entertainment centers are difficult to move on your own, which is why it's always a smart idea to hire professional movers and packers to handle it for you.
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