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How much stretch wrap do I need for moving?

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December 28, 2020 under Others

How much plastic wrap do I need for a small move?

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December 1, 2021

wrapping furniture with stretch wrapIf you are planning to move by yourself, stretch wrap might serve as the best moving resource for you. Shrink wrap will help you to resolve your moving issues as you can secure your furniture as well as protect doors and loose wires using stretch wrap.

Benefits of using a stretch wrap for moving

Plastic wrap is typically the best resource to move your belongings.

  • First, a shrink wrap will help you protect your furniture blankets.
  • Second, it will safeguard your furniture from dust and stains.
  • Third, it will protect your doors, drawers as well as cords.
  • Last, a transparent plastic wrap might not leave any mark or even not destroy your furniture.

How to use stretch wrap for moving?

Let us explore the correct way to use plastic wrap for your move. For instance, if you use a green-colored shrink wrap, the possibility of staining your fabric furniture will exist. So, you might want to consider understanding the right ways to use it.

  • You need to safeguard your clothes and furniture from stains and dirt. Mostly, you might want to protect your items like dining chairs, couches, or even recliners.
  • You may use moving blankets to give extra protection to your furniture. This can be a very convenient resource for wooden furniture, like tabletops or even dressers. This will protect your furniture from scrapes or other damage.
  • If you have a big piece of furniture, you may use shrink wrap to protect the drawers or doors of your furniture from opening during the move.
  • You need to keep the power cords or wires in the correct position as you might not want to pull them. This seems important because you might want your friends or family members to go on a trip and fall during the move.
  • Best Ways to use Shrink Wrap for Furniture
  • A stretch wrap is the most popular option when it comes to packing up your furniture. Below we have created a few guidelines to learn about stretch wrap for moving furniture.
  • You need to ensure that your furniture is washed and dried completely before you consider wrapping them.
  • Consider detaching the couch legs and table leaves, as you might not want to make the furniture wrapping a complex process.
  • Make sure that your furniture is compact and make sure to wrap them separately in different boxes.
  • You can directly apply a stretch wrap to your extravagant furniture as this might not perspire like leather furniture or wooden furniture. In a nutshell, this will protect your items from damage.
  • Consider inserting cardboard pieces to secure the corners of your furniture.
  • You need to use big stretch wraps as you must wrap the whole furniture. We recommend small shrink wraps, only if you want to wrap up your drawers or close cabinets doors before you move them.

How much stretch wrap do I need for moving?

Length and breadth are the two sizes description of a plastic wrap that you might want to buy. Commonly, the length ranges between 1000' or 1500’, but the breadth plays a vital role and can be anything between 5" to 22’’.

The more the width of your stretch wrap, the less will be the effort to pack it appropriately.

  • If you have a single or double room flat, one layer of 20’’ x 1000’ or 15” x 1500’ stretch wrap will work fine.
  • In case you have furniture more than an average one or two rooms flat, you will need two rolls of plastic wrap.
  • If you have a big apartment, you might need double rolls of 15”x 1500’ or 20”1000’ stretch wrap.

A plastic wrap will be green in color, or it will be clear. But it is recommended to use a clear shrink wrap.

Where to buy stretch wrap for moving?

The size of plastic wrap suggested by us can be easily found with the retailers. But the stock is often very restricted. Let us read below, where we can buy the best stretch wrap for moving.

  • Purchasing, a shrink online can be the most feasible as well as the easiest option that you may ever find.
  • You may try Amazon, as it is one of the most popular online shopping apps.

How much does shrink wrap cost?

The cost of a stretch wrap usually varies with the retailer you might have chosen to buy it. For example, if you purchase a plastic wrap from Walmart, you will have to pay a few dollars more than online stores, like Amazon.

Shrink Wrap Cost per Foot

If you buy a single roll of 20’ x 1500 stretch wrap, it might cost you nearly about $20.

Though it sounds easy to plastic wrap your furniture or other items on your own, you might need the help of your friends. Your friends will help you fix the shrink wrap in place as you might want to wrap it correctly.

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