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How much to move from Atlanta, GA to Toronto, Canada?

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Asked by Shridhar

May 5, 2013 under Moving Companies

How much to move from Atlanta, GA to Toronto, Canada? 1. 40" TV. 2. 2 Beds [1 King,, 1 Queen.] 3. 10-12 boxes, bags. 4. 1 Dining set. [ Table and 4 chairs] 5. 2006 Corolla.

Answered by Staff Writer

May 13, 2013

So your moving from Atlanta to Toronto and you want to know how much it is going to cost to move. With different types of moving methods, coming up with an exact cost is not that easy and can only be calculated once you decide on the type of service you want.


With an average distance of 951 miles between the two cities, and an approximate 14 hour drive, it will probably take two days to transport your household goods and vehicle. The only way it will take one day is if you decide to do-it-yourself and drive straight through in a rental truck with your vehicle hitched behind or carried on a flat bed. To figure out the cost, you will need to calculate the cost of packing supplies, the truck rental, flat bed, gas, lodging if you decide to drive in two days and not one, and food and beverages.


As labeled, the full-service move is just that. Rather than do-it-yourself, you pay a company to come and pack, load, transport and unpack your household for you. As expected, this service is far more expensive and will cost a significant amount more than if you moved yourself. The cost of moving a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom house differs considerably. The standard cost of moving a one-bedroom up to 1,000 miles would be $2,100 and with packing services and insurance could cost up to $2,600. The standard cost of moving a five-bedroom house up to 1,000 miles would be $8,500 and with packing services and insurance would be $11,200.

Figure Final Cost

As you can see, before you tally up the cost of a move from Atlanta to Toronto, you must first decide on how much labor you are willing to put forth. If you are willing to pack, load, transport and unload it will cost you far less than having a full-service take on all the chores for you. Make a moving budget and stick to it, with some plausible figures on paper, you can make a decision from there. What you have to spend my very well answer how you will decide to move.



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