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How old is too old to move a mobile home?

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Asked by Joanna

January 20, 2014 under Others

I want to move my home 20 miles to the next town, its older, i was told they dont move older homes, is this true or is it cuz of the price?

Answered by Jenna Farmer

January 21, 2014

Hello! Welcome to, I will be happy to address your question about moving an older mobile home.

Moving an older mobile home

Over the years, mobile homes have evolved in terms of quality and structure, and the age of your mobile home will certainly reflect that. However, the short answer to your question is: no, it is not necessarily true that moving companies don't move older mobile homes (although it may very well be the case with the specific moving company you contacted that told you that).

It really comes down to the structure--one home built in 1970 may be in better condition than one built in 1990.

Some moving companies may enforce a policy where they do not move any mobile home over 20 years old, whereas some companies may have no limit as long as the structure is sound for transport.

Here are some things you will need to consider in terms of moving your mobile home:

  • If the tongue of the mobile home was cut off, or axels and wheels removed, these things would need to be replaced before relocation (which would drive the price up).
  • Older mobile homes tend to have damage to the floor, walls and roof, which could further fall apart in transit.
  • If your mobile home has vinyl siding or a shingled roof, these things may need to be removed in order to relocate (the county you will be moving to probably has some kind of regulation on this -- you can call county officials to find out). Again, siding can literally fall off the house in transit if it is not sturdy enough. In some cases, older mobile homes can start to fall apart the minute they are removed from the cinder blocks.
  • Your home will need to pass inspection in its original location and the new one -- this includes electric connectivity.
Bottom line

You will need to have an experienced house mover come and inspect your mobile home. This mover will be able to thoroughly assess any structural damage that could hinder the relocation process, and also offer up ways to fix the issues if you still plan on going forward with the move.

Thanks again for visiting, and good luck with your upcoming relocation!

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