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Is it advisable to pack an entire household at once or do it one room at a time?

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Asked by John

February 19, 2013 under Others

The thought of packing my entire house for my move has me really stressed. It’s just overwhelming to think that I’m going to have to get all of my belongings into boxes – there’s just so much stuff! What’s the best way to go about packing, doing the entire house at once, or taking it one room at a time?

Answered by Robert Moreschi

February 19, 2013

The key to packing your house and doing it successfully is organization. It's important to stay organized during the packing process, no matter how overwhelming it may seem at first. That's why, in order to pack your house in the most efficient way possible, it's best to go about it one room at a time.

Why is it best to go through each room one-by-one, rather than attacking the entire house all at once? Well, it's fairly simple. If you choose to haphazardly pack your entire house all at once, you may lose track of which items and which boxes belong to which room, and when you arrive at your new home, things can get very confusing, causing items to end up where they're not supposed to be, and you may forget about them for weeks on end, thinking that they've gone missing.

But that's not all. When you pack your entire house at once, it's very easy to forget about certain items altogether, and in your haste you may pack things incorrectly, sticking delicate items in boxes that they shouldn't be in, causing them to become damaged during the move.

Packing each room carefully and methodically will help you not only keep the packing process organized, but it will help you to sort through the clutter in each room and decide what you need to pack, and what you don't need anymore. Plus, it will make the process a whole lot less stressful. Create a schedule for yourself and allow no more than two days for each room, so that you can maintain a solid pace and keep your move humming along smoothly.

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