Can a sofa be hoisted from a window?
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Is it possible to pick up a sofa from window at 3rd floor(from outside)?

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February 11, 2013 under Moving Companies

Answered by Jenna Farmer

April 12, 2013

You were eyeing that mahogany Italian leather sleeper at the furniture store for months, and you finally decided to make the hefty investment to add it to your perfectly decorated living room. The problem: it doesn't fit through the doorway. You live on the third floor and unless you figure out how to master levitation, you're worried your beautiful new couch may become a hallway conversation piece. Don't worry, there are specially trained moving services that can help you. Get a free quote here at

Be sure the investment to have your couch hoisted is worth it!

Hoisting furniture fees can start at around $75 and increase to a few hundred dollars based on various factors like height and weight of the couch, distance of the move and if the couch (or large furniture piece) needs to be hoisted in multiple locations (from an old residence to a new residence, generally). So if your $400 couch doesn't fit through the door, it may be best to sell it and find a more practical one once you move.

If you have an expensive couch, hiring a service to hoist it for you could prove a well worth it investment.

If you're moving the couch along with your other belongings for a move to a different residence, the price may be included in your moving estimate (and maybe even reduced). Be sure to discuss this with your moving service when getting your initial estimate, since the service will need to come prepared with the proper amount of movers and equipment. You will also want to make sure your couch is properly packed to avoid any damage during the move.

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to help you avoidthis herculean task in the first place:

Measure the couch before purchase: You'll want to measure the height of the couch from the bottom of the legs to the top of the back, and the width of the entire couch. It may also be wise to get measurements of the height diagonally, in case you can maneuver the couch through the door after tilting it. Of course, you might be moving into a home with a smaller doorframe than when you originally purchased the couch – these things happen. In which case:

Remove the couch legs: Usually couches have legs that can be unscrewed easily and removed so the couch can fit through the door – you'd be surprised at how much space you gain just from this small procedure.

Remove the door: Using a Phillips-head screwdriver, you can easily unscrew the door hinges and gently pull the door away, setting it aside for uninhibited access through the doorway. You might also remove the actual doorframe with a flathead screwdriver and a hammer, but have someone to help you if you don’t know what you're doing– you don't want to ruin your doorframe.

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