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Is it worth moving IKEA furniture?

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Asked by Caroline

January 10, 2021 under Others

Should I keep or sell my Ikea furniture before my move?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 14, 2021

If you are planning to move your house but are not sure if it's worth moving your IKEA furniture with you, there are some important things to consider that will help you with the decision.

While IKEA furniture is easy to assemble/disassemble and carry around, it is not sturdy enough to move over a long distance. You may find it worth a local move, but in some cases, it’s better to sell the furniture and buy a new one after the move. The cost incurred in moving your IKEA furniture is almost equal to the price you pay for buying new pieces of furniture.

Couple moving their Ikea couchTo get a clear idea, ask yourself the following questions and make an informed decision about moving your IKEA furniture:

How risky is it to move the IKEA furniture?

IKEA furniture is trendy, practical, and cost-effective for your house but it is also fragile as the pieces are made of particleboard. If you assemble and disassemble it multiple times, load it hurriedly, and move it around confined spaces without proper packaging, it is likely to get damaged during the relocation. So, the only way to move your IKEA furniture is to do it safely. Either you should be confident of your packing skills, or you need to spend money on hiring professional packers and movers.

Will your old IKEA furniture fit into your new house?

The most important thing is whether your old IKEA furniture will fit into your new house. What if your new house is already furnished and you can’t make enough space to accommodate everything. Regardless of the cost and type of furniture, if it won’t suit the interiors of the new house and its dimensions, it makes no sense to move it. So, make a floor plan and carefully assess the situation. For example, if you are moving into a smaller house, you may have to get rid of the bigger furniture pieces before the move.

Will the move cost more than buying new furniture?

If the overall cost of moving your old IKEA furniture is greater than the cost of buying furniture at your new place, it won’t be worth the effort. In a long-distance or international move, it’s feasible to sell off your old furniture and buy a new one. However, in a local move, moving your old furniture will be a wiser choice.

Is it worth moving your IKEA furniture?

Once you have answered all the above questions, it will be easier to come to a conclusion. If you are planning to relocate and need any moving services, call 1-866-343-1234 or visit our home page to get free moving estimates from reputable moving companies near you.

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