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Long Carry charges

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Asked by Shuo

October 23, 2014 under Others

One moving company ask for additional charge, the long carry charges is the one of additional charge. can you give me an explanation for long carry charges? original description: Long Carry charges- First 50 feet-no charge, every additional 50 feet an extra charge of $75.00 one time fee for the entire move.

Answered by Ryan Hussey

October 24, 2014

Thank you for your question!

A long carry is a charge that may appear on your bill if your movers have to carry your items for a long distance between the truck and your home, or vice versa. Moving companies that charge extra for long carries usually have a maximum distance they will carry items without additional charge. Your particular moving company seems to have that maximum distance set at 50 feet. So, because the movers had to carry your items more than 50 feet, the additional distance was reflected in your bill.

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