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Moving a Copy Machine

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Asked by Yvonne

November 29, 2012 under Others

We need to move a Ricoh Copier one floor up and would like a quote. We are located in Eugene, Oregon.

Answered by Jenna Farmer

April 15, 2013

Whether it's for your small business or your own personal use, moving a large copy machine can be difficult and arduous. You can hire specialty movers for such a task, and can get a quote at Once you start contacting moving companies, be sure to tell them the details of your move, like stairs and elevators at both locations.

If you're planning on taking on moving it yourself, here are some steps to follow to prevent damage:

  1. Buy the right packing materials: You'll need a lot of thick bubble wrap, cardboard, packing tape. You'll also need a dolly for the actual move, as well as sturdy packing straps.
  2.  Remove all accessories: Anything that can come undone from the copier must be removed, like the paper feeder and paper tray.
  3. Wrap all accessories: Take the removed accessories and wrap them in a few layers of bubble wrap (at least three inches). Remove all cords attached to the copier and wrap them in cardboard.
  4. Wrap copier: Starting from the top of the machine, begin wrapping in cardboard until you reach the bottom. (Note: before you do this, you should place a piece of cardboard on the glass, then tape the copier lid shut to secure it in place). After wrapping the entire machine in cardboard, you'll follow the same procedure with bubble wrap. Make sure there’s at least three inches of bubble wrap protecting the copier.
  5. Secure copier for move: With the help of another person (depending on the size of your copier), you're now ready to place the copier on a dolly and secure it with moving straps. Once in place, you can then wheel your copier to the moving truck for careful loading.


For additional help with moving your copier, you might want to check our tips for moving heavy items.

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