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Moving from New Jersey to Wisconsin

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Asked by Punam

May 22, 2015 under Others

Can I get a service where my car will be enclosed and fit my my boxes in one truck? I want my boxes to be in storage facility, is this possible?

Answered by Cassandra Rose

May 22, 2015
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To move your belongings and vehicle, you will want to hire a moving company (with available storage) and a car shipper. While some companies may provide both traditional moving and automobile moving services, they mostly likely won't allow you to transport everything in one truck to protect your vehicle from damage.

Hiring movers

Simply head to our long distance movers page and fill out the free quote form to get started finding movers in your area. Be sure to ask each company that calls you about their storage options and if they provide car shipping services.

Finding auto transport

If you are unable to find a moving company that provides both, you will want to hire a separate automobile relocation company. To get started, fill out a free quote form to find car shippers in your area.

Thanks for your questions and good luck with your move!
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