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Rent truck with couch and drive from vista ca to Las Vegas Nevada brining another couch back to vista ca

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Asked by Laurie

May 4, 2014 under Moving Truck Rental

What to off one couch from vista to Las Vegas and bring back another couch

Answered by Nicole La Capria

May 5, 2014

Hello, and thank you for visiting Movers.com!

If you would like to rent a truck for your move, Movers.com can help!

What size truck do I need?

Rental truck agencies offer a variety of different sized trucks and trailers to accomodate moves of all kinds. Common sizes include:


  • 10-foot: studio or small one-bedroom apartments
  • 14-foot: One-bedroom apartments with furnture and appliances, two-bedroom apartments
  • 17-foot: three-bedroom apartments or houses
  • 24-foot: Homes with three to four bedrooms
  • 26-foot: Homes with four or more bedrooms
If you are only moving a couch, the smallest moving truck or van shoud accomodate your needs. Ask the truck rental representative what their options are and which truck would be best for your move.


How much does a rental truck cost?

The cost of your rental truck depends on several factors. Most truck rental companies will charge a flat rate based on the size truck you need, then charge an additional fee for every mile traveled during the move. You may also be charged a per diem rate for each day you have the truck. You'll also be responsible for refilling the gas tank to required fuel levels, purchasing insurance and may have to pay rental tax and other fees. When speaking with an agency representative about your quote, ask detailed questions about the pricing and extra fees to receive the most accurate estimate possible.

Where can I get a quote?

You can get quotes for truck rentals today at Movers.com! Simply fill out our fast and easy quote form to be connected with truck rental agencies near you!

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