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Should I flip my Purple mattress?

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Asked by Don

January 28, 2021 under Others

Do I need to flip my Purple mattress?

Answered by Staff Writer

August 4, 2021

No, you should not flip the Purple mattress because it is a one-sided bed with a distinct top side and bottom side. Also, you should not rotate this mattress as you do for beds with foam comfort layers, because the gel grid top layer resists body impressions and indentations. Keep reading to know more details on the Purple mattress.

Why you can't flip the Purple mattress?

  • Usually, by flipping and rotating your mattress, you could extend the life of it and help it wear down evenly over time. But Purple mattresses have strategically placed layers of foam on only one side, so that side must always remain up. This is one of the reasons why you can’t flip the Purple mattress.
  • Also, you won’t feel as comfortable if you flip them. in most of these beds, the top layers of foam are soft and less dense to promote airflow and cradle your body. If you flip the mattress, you’ll likely be sleeping on a denser layer of foam that could feel warmer when you sleep.

What kind of mattress can’t be flipped?

  • You shouldn’t flip any mattresses that are one-sided. Most memory foam, latex, hybrid, and pillow-top mattresses are one-sided. Flipping one-sided mattresses lead to excess pressure on the comfort layer, causing irreversible damage to the mattress.
  • Foam beds have soft layers that can’t be flipped because they can cause discomfort.
  • Hybrid mattresses are heavy because they include more materials. Flipping them will create excess pressure on the comfort layer and damage it.
  • Most innerspring mattresses have a pillow-top layer for extra cushioning so you can’t flip them.

What you can do with a Purple mattress?

Rotate but don’t flip:

Most companies will tell you to rotate your foam mattress 180 degrees every 3 to 6 months. That’s especially important if you sleep alone and tend to be at one side, so you aren’t wearing out on one side faster than the other. Also, make sure that your foam mattress is on the right kind of foundation - if you use a box spring or bed frame that’s not supportive enough, your mattress can sag – and you might even damage the foam.

Can I roll my Purple mattress?

Yes, you can temporarily fold your Purple mattress while moving it.

How can I move my Purple mattress?

Moving a Purple mattress is a two-person job. You'll need someone to help carry your mattress to the bed and lift it onto the bed platform. Since Purple mattresses are heavy and can weigh 200 pounds, fold it in half and tie it with a non-stretchy strap to make it for two people to carry. If you still need to know how to move your Purple mattress, read our guide and carry your mattress for short and long-distance moves or storage.

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