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Should you keep the boxes that electronics come in?

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Asked by Barbara

December 30, 2020 under Others

Should I keep my electronic boxes?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 28, 2021

If you are always wondering whether you should keep computer or electronic boxes, here are some things to consider.

Computer boxes are also tempting for many people to keep indefinitely. Here's what you can do with your electronic boxes:

What you can do with your computer box?

If you have a computer box that needs to be thrown away/ discarded, cut one portion from the box and fill it with your other papers or take a photo and file it electronically. The only valid reason to keep tech boxes is if you frequently upgrade your devices and sell your used items. In that case, keeping the original packaging will probably increase their value.

What can you do with television boxes?

Television boxes are also likely to be used for safekeeping. Since these boxes are large, it is difficult for you to load, transport, and unload large, flat-screen TVs. However, if you don't any plan to move, it’s probably not worth holding on to the television box. You can hold on to the receipt for your purchase and the identifying information on the box, but keeping a huge box to possibly move your large flat-screen TV - which may be useful when you're ready to move.

What else you can do with your electronic boxes?

  • You can use your electronic boxes for packing and storing your household items. When possible, break down boxes and store them flat. But before doing so, it could be helpful if you take a photo of how items were packed originally before removing elements; this will make repacking easier if you move or plan to resell items. Here are some exceptions you need to know.
  • For large items like HDTVs and computers, keep the packaging as long as it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Afterward, break down boxes or either you can store away or recycle.
  • Most appliance packaging can and should be tossed away after a few weeks of use. If it’s a large appliance and has batteries or a plug-in, then you can keep the box for 2-3 months so you can make sure the product works before you dump the packaging.
  • Keep the packaging for large electronics like laptops, digital cameras, and smartphones. If you have a plan to re-sell it or trade-in, keep the box with you because some distributors will give you large credit if you provide the original packaging, manuals, and accessories.
  • Keeping all your manuals, warranties, and other electronics-related paperwork in a filing cabinet. This will make it so much easier to find what you're looking for if you need to make a return or request a refund.
  • Consider listing your excess storage boxes on Craigslist for others who may need them for moving purposes.

Finally, when you get rid of the box, keep the extra components in a Ziploc bag and store the bag where you can find it easily. For example, if there are any screws for a new table, you can put all the screws in a Ziploc bag and tape them under the table out of sight and store the box for packing purposes.

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