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Stair Climbing HandTruck?

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Asked by Andrew

June 28, 2014 under Others

I need to rent a stair climbing hand truck to move a safe in Portage MI, but cant seem to find any place that has one.

Answered by Ana M. Ferrer

June 30, 2014

Hi and thanks for visiting Movers.com!

It's a shame you've been having trouble trying to find a stair climbing hand truck to rent in your area to move a safe, but you still have other options for moving it.

Moving a Safe

While it may not be the most ideal situation to have to move a safe on your own, it can be done with some preparation.

Empty the safe's contents before trying to maneuver the safe and store them in another safe location. Emptying the contents will prevent them from shifting around during the move and possibly becoming damaged. It might also help lessen the overall weight of the safe making it easier to move.

To move the safe yourself, you'll need:

  • a heavy-duty appliance dolly,
  • moving straps and
  • a few strong people to help on moving day.

If you'd rather not move the safe on your own without the use of a stair-climbing hand truck, hiring moving labor could be an option for you.

Moving Labor

From packing the boxes and loading to moving the piano or safe from the living room to the dining room, moving labor can help you with what you need. They can provide you with the extra hands you need to complete your move or they can move specialty items for you.

Just fill out a free quote form and you'll be able to choose from companies that will generally offer a quote of a certain number of people for a certain amount of hours to assist with the move. Just choose one that works with your budget and you'll be on your way.

Thank you again for visiting Movers.com, we wish you the best of luck with your move.

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