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What documents do I need to ship my car?

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Asked by Karen

October 25, 2019 under Auto Transport

I’m planning to ship my car overseas. What should I need to have ready to ship my car?

Answered by Staff Writer

October 28, 2019

If you’re shipping your car using auto transport company, you need to provide the below paperwork to verify the vehicle belongs to you and that you have insurance.

 Documents required to ship a car overseas:

 Ownership information: depending upon the ownership

  • If owned: Copy of your original title and registration.
  • If recently purchased: vehicle title and bill of sale.
  • If financed: a notarized letter with specific information including name of the owner and the Vehicle identification number (VIN) number of your automobile.
  • Personal information: You need to provide your identification -- state drivers license ID or a passport of the country where you are a legal resident.
  • Vehicle information: year, manufacture, model, VIN number and the price
  • Copy of your Insurance: You must provide a copy of your car insurance as a proof; this will however not be accepted if the insurance is expired

These documents are important when you need to ship a car both for your protection and for that of your car shipper. 

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