How much does the furniture in a five bedroom house weigh to move?
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What is the average weight of a five (5) bedroom house?

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Asked by Kevin

September 17, 2018 under Others

How much does a five bedroom house weigh if Im moving everything inside of it?

Answered by Scott Myers

September 18, 2018
The weight of your five bedroom house is likely to about 7,000 pounds. Houses of this caliber will weigh a lot more than smaller houses. Be careful to add up all your furniture when trying to estimate the weight of you belongings. With so much furniture, it can be easy to forget something or count the same thing twice.

Calculate the average weight of a five bedroom house

How did we come up with 7,000 pounds? We used the following equation:

amount of full sized rooms x 1,000 per room = how much weight you'll be moving

For a five bedroom house, you would include the weight for the bedrooms as well as the kitchen/dining area and the living room. Seven rooms, at 1,000 pounds each, would be 7,000 pounds to move.

Take necessary precautions

Houses with five or more bedrooms will need special attention that other houses do no require. Be sure to notify the company, so they can send the correct number of crew members. A five bedroom house may also require two trucks instead of one.

Notify the movers of specialty items

Houses of this size are often filled with extravagant items. Unique items like pianos and artwork require special treatment when moving. Artwork, although probably not as heavy as a bed, will cost more to move because of its delicate nature. 

Determine the cubic footage of your furniture

In addition to the weight of your belongings, you should also determine the cubic footage, or volume, of your possessions. The size of your trailer depends on the amount of space your belongings take up, so your movers will need to know this information as well.

To calculate the volume of your furniture, you should use a tape measure to take measurements. Multiple the length by the width and height, then divide by 1,728

Calculate the weight more accurately

If the movers don't plan to do an in-house estimate, you can use these guides to calculate a more accurate weight:

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