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What is the average weight of a three (3) bedroom house?

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Asked by Kevin

September 17, 2018 under Moving Companies

How much will my three bedroom house full of furniture weigh, so I can tell my moving company?

Answered by Scott Myers

September 18, 2018

Your moving company should offer to do any in-home estimate where they walk though your home and see how much they need to move. However, if you are looking for a quick over the phone estimate, you can tell them that your three bedroom house weighs about 5,000 pounds.

How to find the average weight

Where does that number come from? When calculating the weight of your move, multiply the amount of full sized rooms by 1,000 pounds each. For example:

5 (3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen) x 1,000 pounds per room = 5,000 pounds to move

How to find the square footage

To calculate the volume of your furniture, you should use a tape measure to take measurements. Measure the length, width, and height of your belongs in inches. Multiple the length by the width and height, then divide by 1,728.

The size of your trailer depends on the amount of space your belongings take up, so your movers will need to know this information as well. On average, they use 20 foot trucks to move three bedroom houses.

How to move special items

Do you have any uniquely shaped or delicate items, like pianos and antiques? Specialty items require extra care when packing and moving. Artwork, although probably not as heavy as a bed, will cost more to move because of its delicate nature. It is best to let the moving company know if you have large items outside the realm of run of the mill furniture.

How to get the most accurate estimate

Always ask the company to do an in-home estimate, so they can see how much you need to move as well as the size of your street and the route they need to take. Otherwise, they could surprise you with lots of extra fees.

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