How much does the furniture in a two bedroom house weigh?
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What is the average weight of a two (2) bedroom apartment/house?

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Asked by Nick

September 17, 2018 under Others

How much will the furniture and other belongings in a two bedroom house or apartment usually weigh?

Answered by Scott Myers

September 18, 2018
The weight of a two bedroom house (or apartment) is usually around 4,000 pounds on average.

The moving company should always come to your home and do an in-house estimate, because items like pianos and antiques could add on a considerable amount. Any specialty items require extra care and specially trained employees. It might also affect the availability of the moving company.

Weight of a two bedroom house or apartment

When calculating the weight of your move, you would be adding up the weight for full-sized rooms only. Assume each room has 1,000 pounds worth of furniture and other belongings. Add 2,000 pounds for the two bedrooms, and 1,000 pounds each for the living room and kitchen.

Volume of a two bedroom house or apartment

In addition to the weight of your belongings, you should also determine the cubic footage, or volume, of your possessions. The size of your trailer depends on the amount of space your belongings take up, so your movers will need this information before arriving at your home.

The volume of your belongings is not the same as the surface area or square footage. Square footage only determines how much floor space an item takes up.  

Specific room estimates for any house or apartment

Use these guides to calculate a more accurate estimate or the weight of a single room in your home:

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