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What should I look for an auto transport company?

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Asked by Wendy

November 29, 2019 under Auto Transport

This question will provide you with a list of factors which you can consider, while choosing your auto transport company.

Answered by Staff Writer

January 14, 2022

best auto transport companyShipping cars can often be a nerve-racking experience as your car might get damaged during transportation. To avoid that you should choose the right car shipping company to transport your vehicle safely to your destination.

Things you need to know about Auto Transport Company?

Let's explore a few advantages of auto transport companies that might help you to choose the best.

  • If you hire an auto transport company, you can have peace of mind. You may not have to bang your heads to keep your cars, secure.
  • You can ensure not to wear and tear your vehicle if you choose an auto transport company. Also, opting for a long-distance car trip may result in mechanical malfunctioning.
  • If you don't have enough time to make a move, consider choosing an auto transport company to ship your car with a proper plan to protect it from damage.

Tips to Find the Best Auto Transport Company

  • Consider doing your research on the company you want to choose. You can browse through the internet and compare the cost of a few auto transport companies and the services they offer.

What do I need to choose an auto transport company?


To get potential customers, auto transport companies can make fake reviews to promote their business. Be sure to check the company’s reputation before you hire them for your vehicle shipment. Visit the Better Business Bureau and check the details about the company.

Also, you may take the help of your friends or do some research online and find out the best auto transport companies that will suit your needs.

Company Licensing, Insurance, and Bonding

Before you hire any auto transporter, make sure to check whether the company is insured. You should also check for the state specific license provided by the state to make sure that the car shipping company has all the required licenses necessary to operate within that state. For example, you may ask them to show you their insurance certificate, which will prove them to be an authentic auto transport company. 

Registered Car Shipping Company

Many people tend to ignore the strict regulations of auto transportation companies. While choosing a vehicle shipping company, you might need to ensure the following criteria:

  • Search for the registration proof of the auto transport company.
  • Consider checking if your auto shipping company has an MC (Motor Carrier) number as well as a DOT number. Also, check if the MC number is justifiable as per the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
  • In case if the MC number is unauthorized, avoid that vehicle shipping company.

Cost of the carriers

When choosing a car shipping company, price is a huge factor that needs to be considered. The cost of the carrier depends on numerous factors such as the size/weight of the vehicle, distance that needs to be covered, and the type of carrier you choose.

So, before choosing a specific auto transport company, compare vehicle transportation quotes from various shipping companies. If you note that any one of the companies offers a shipping service at an exceptionally low price, you need to avoid it because they might not assure the safety of vehicles during transportation.

Get GPS tracking system

Choosing a car shipping company that offers vehicle tracking is an added advantage. Here are some things you need to know:

  • GPS tracking will allow you to know the status of your car shipping process at any time.
  • It will allow you to make a note of the delays during auto transportation.
  • Keep in mind that car shippers that offer vehicle tracking services may charge more. However, it is worth paying additionally for the tracking system as you can easily trace out your vehicle. With this, you will get to know if there are any delays in delivering your vehicle.

Open carrier vs. Enclosed carrier

Mostly, two methods are used by a car shipping company, which we will discuss below.

  • The open carrier method is when the vehicle is shipped on an open carrier, and it is exposed to mother nature.
  • The enclosed carried method is where your vehicle is transported in an enclosed trailer. This method is mostly used for luxury vehicles because they are highly valued.
  • The open carrier is cheaper than the enclosed carrier. So before choosing a car shipping company, you should know all the pros and cons of open versus enclosed carriers.

Vehicle safety

The safety of your vehicle should be the most crucial factor when choosing a car shipping company. Before you make a move, call the company,and ask how they'll protect your car during transportation. Also, while shipping your vehicle, the company will ask you to sign a document called a bill of lading to describe the condition of your car. Inspect your vehicle before it is transported so you can file a claim if your car is damaged in transit.

Important points to remember to keep your car safe during transportation:

  • Be sure to get multiple quotes before hiring a shipping company, know about the driver who is transporting your vehicle by checking if they have a valid driver’s license or not.

Customer’s Review

Finally, do not forget to check the online customer’s review before you go ahead and choose your auto transport company. Facebook, Google, and BBB are a few best places to obtain feedback and choose your preferred car shipping company.

Consider, choosing an auto transport company by checking if they have authentic credentials to operate their business. Avoid going by the name of the companies as this might not prove that the company is proper.


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