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What temperature can a TV withstand?

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Asked by Bhumi

January 8, 2021 under Others

What temperatures can my TV withstand?

Answered by Staff Writer

July 28, 2021

Ideally, when you are moving a television to your new house or keeping it in a storage unit, you need to protect it from extremely high as well as extremely low temperatures. The exact temperature range depends on various factors like the type of television you have and to what brand it belongs to.

Factors deciding what temperature range a TV can withstand:

  • In use vs not in use TVs: When not in operation, televisions can withstand any temperature from -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F. However, when television is operating, it will work between 50 degrees F to 104 degrees F.
  • Brand of the TV: The brand of television also determines what temperature it can withstand. For example, Sony recommends storing a television in a temperature range between -4 degrees F to 140 degrees F. On the other hand, Samsung LCD televisions are to be stored between -4 degrees F to 113 degrees F.
  • Type of TV: The model of your TV and its build will also play a key role in determining what temperature range it can withstand. Here's what you need to know about different types of televisions’ capacity to withstand extreme temperatures-
  • Flat-screen TVs: A flat-screen television can usually withstand up to 125 degrees F of temperature. However, the TV itself will generate some amount of heat so it would be best to keep the ambient temperature several degrees below the limit.
  • LCD and LED TVs: Most LCD and LED televisions have a safe operating temperature range of 50 to 90 degrees F. When it comes to storing an LCD or LED TV, it can withstand a temperature as low as -4 degrees F.

How to store a TV in cold temperature?

If you need to store your television in freezing temperatures, you will need to follow some guidelines to protect it from damage. Here are some important steps you need to know when storing a TV in cold temperatures:

  • Step 1- Cover the TV with a moving blanket or pack it inside cardboard. This will protect the screen against scratches.
  • Step 2- Every television has a safe temperature range for both storage and operation. Make sure to check the manufacture’s guidelines and the weather conditions to make sure the television is safe in storage.
  • Step 3- Never take the television from cold to a warmer temperature directly. If you are storing the television in temperatures lower than 40 degrees F, give it 24 hours to acclimatize to the warmer surroundings.

Can I store a television in a garage?

One of the most common mistakes that people make when storing a television is that they don’t take care of the temperature-sensitive environment. When you store a television in a garage, basement, or attic, the fluctuating temperature can cause irreversible damage to the TV. It’s best to store your TV in a climate-controlled facility. Furthermore, you can use desiccant pouches in the packing to absorb moisture in the air. This will keep your television safe in storage.

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