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What to do if my car is damaged during transport?

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Asked by Emil

November 15, 2019 under Auto Transport

My car is damaged badly during shipping and company refusing to claim the money. Im very much worried about this point. Can you please tell me how should I react at this point?

Answered by Staff Writer

November 16, 2021

Shipping your car can be a difficult task handling the car keys to the driver and hoping that your vehicle reaches its destination safely. But what should you do if your vehicle is damaged during transport Let's explore a list of a few things to do when a car is damaged while moving.

what to do if my car is damaged during transport-Take photos before the vehicle shipment: Before you ship your vehicle, make sure to take pictures of it. Remember to take photos from all angles and label them with their respective time and date. Keep the photos that you have taken with you so you can access them safely.

-Make a note of the car's condition in the Bill of lading document and make sure the driver signs the document.

-Then visit a nearby mechanic to get an estimate for repairing the damage. Make sure to have an email copy so you can submit it to the car shipping company.

- If the company refuses to pay for the damage, you can file a claim with the Better Business Bureau to get an immediate solution.

If you have reached here, possibly you understand the instructions to be followed when your car is damaged, while on the move.

Steps to ensure that the vehicle is insured

Have proper documentation:

The first thing you should do is to have proper documentation and proof of insurance. Make sure to sign a document (bill of lading) when you hire a company to transport your car. Also, make sure that the document has an insurance certificate.

Keep in mind once the driver picks up your vehicle, they will provide you with an auto transport Bill of lading document. In this document, you will see every detail of the car including the type, capacity, and destination of the goods being carried.

If you didn't receive any document from the company

At either point, pick up or delivery point, if you didn't receive the Bill of lading, call the auto transport immediately and make sure they send you the document. It is mandatory to have a bill of lading because without that document your vehicle could be damaged and may arrive late. Also, you can’t make any claim if there is any damage to your vehicle while it is in transit as you don’t have the proper documentation.

Just make sure to get a sign in the document bill of lading

Just make sure you have a proper Bill of lading while picking up and delivering the vehicle. Also, have a copy of the document save that copy in a secure place. This document is your proof if anything happens to your vehicle while shipping.

Of course, your vehicle is delivered safely when you choose the best auto transport company, but chances are your vehicle may get damaged during transportation. So, you need to take of everything as you might not want to damage your vehicle.

If your car is damaged while in transit, you can also contact the company’s insurance agent and tell them your car was damaged, so you can receive compensation for it. They will respond to your claim and may resolve your issue very quickly. What else do you need to do to ensure your vehicle arrives safely So if you need to know more about car shipping tips, read the listed solution.

Besides, if you have a plan, shipping a car will be comparatively easy for you. Make sure you prepare your vehicle before it is transported. Here's what you need to do to prepare your vehicle for shipping.

  • Ensure not to fill the gas tank.
  • Practice washing your car thoroughly.
  • Inspect your vehicle before you transport it.
  • Document the condition of your vehicle before and after shipping.
  • Deactivate any alarm system of the vehicle.
  • Try not to leave behind anything in your car as these items can add weight to your vehicle, which will affect the cost of shipping. For more details, read our guide shipping your car with personal items.

Instructions to follow if your new car is damaged during the transit

Though it’s very rare that your new car will get damaged, when shipped from one place to another, yet it’s important to exercise caution. Hence, if you’re shipping your vehicle and after the delivery is executed, investigate the following damages:

· Scratches

· Chips

· Theft

· Car accidents

· Hollow

· Damages caused by the flood.

Also, you need to consider preparing your car for any odd circumstances. In case of any damages to your new car before shipping, consider taking its photographs. In this way, you will be able to distinguish it from any new damages that might occur to your car, after the shipment.

Follow the above steps if you want to ensure the safety of your most expensive possession. Irrespective, of the auto transport company you choose, the above guidelines will provide you support at every possible level.

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