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Whats the responsible way to dispose of packing peanuts?

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Asked by Admin

April 5, 2013 under Others

Is there a safe to dispose the packing peanuts? We got lot of them while unpacking our moving furniture.

Answered by Staff Writer

April 18, 2013

Unlike the shell of a peanut, you ca not just throw packing peanuts away in the garbage. Rather you have two choices, reuse or recycle packing materials.


Instead of disposing of the white plastic peanuts, store them away so you can reuse them in the future. They are not cheap and can save you or a friend, who needs some, some money when it is time to move again. If you do not choose to box them away or give to a friend, you can reuse the material in an innovative way.

Get out some glue, paint and paper and use packing peanuts for a craft. Once again, you can bank some money by creating with them rather than purchasing new material for an art project. Other creative ways to reuse packing materials will surprise you. With a little imagination and some time, you can even surprise yourself.


If you just do not have use for the packing peanuts you once needed, deciding not to save or create with them, then recycling the plastic is your only other choice. Once you have moved in and found out what days the recycling truck passes by your residence, put the plastic into a bag and bring it to the curb.

Now that you have unpacked and disposed of the materials you used, sit back, relax and reflect on your move and how very much you got accomplished.

To find out how to purchase packing peanuts from a moving company, visit for more information. You can also receive rates on relocating domestically or internationally. And when you have made your move near or far and reused or recycled your packing peanuts, take a moment to fill out a moving review so other families who are moving can learn from your experience.

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