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Where to sell some used furniture?

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Asked by Linda

June 29, 2015 under Others

I am downsizing and cannot take all of my furniture with me. Where can I sell it in Chicago?

Answered by Nicole La Capria

June 29, 2015
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There are plenty of ways to downsize your unnecessary belongings for your move--and make a little extra cash for relocation costs at the same time!
  • Have a yard sale. If you own a home, selling your items to your neighbors in a yard sale can be an easy and effective way to unload everything in one day. However, depending in your neighborhood, it could be less than lucrative. Yard sales work best in residential areas with a lot of families--not urban or especially rural neighborhoods. If you live within Chicago city limits, a yard sale may not be feasible.
  • Sell items online. Selling stuff online is probably the easiest and most reliable ways to eliminate excess belongings. While websites like Amazon and eBay allow secure and reliable transactions, they will also charge fees for using their services. If you'd prefer to sell your items directly to your buyer, Craigslist is free to list your stuff. Just be sure to be safe and exercise caution when meeting strangers online.
  • Go to a pawn shop. You could also opt to bring your items to a local pawn or thrift store. Keep in mind that any retailer that advertises as a consignment shop will not pay you until your items are sold. If you are selling anything of value, make sure you are aware of its worth before striking a deal with a store.

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