Why can't moving company give the exact day of arrival or delivery?
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Why can't moving company give exact day of arrival or delivery?

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April 6, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 18, 2013

Patience grasshopper, patience.

That is the attitude you must have when waiting for a moving company truck filled with your belongings to pull into your new drive way.

Why the Hold Up?

A moving company cannot give you a definitive delivery date for a few reasons. First, the company is hauling other households on the vehicle as well as yours. Though we often think it is all about us, it is not. Moving companies transport multiple shipments on a truck for financial sake, costing you less money in the end.

If a company transported just your belongings from Boston to Arizona, it would cost more than if you split the space on the truck and cost of the drive with other customers who are moving to adjacent areas. Simple enough to understand, it makes sense why a 14-day window of time is given to customers who hire companies to transport their goods from state-to-state. While transporting your goods to Arizona, a driver will stop in different states along the way to unload other families' belongings.

Some other reasons why companies cannot promise a particular day of delivery is due to the shipment location and weight of the truck. The further a company has to drive to get to your destination and the heaviness of the vehicle slowing down the ride greatly determine arrival time. Also the weather and season can affect arrival times, with bad conditions and busy summer moving months delaying the trip.

Types of Services

There are different types of ways a company can help you move. From full-service to pickup and delivery, you can choose what is the best moving method for you. If you have the extra money, you may want to hire a full-service company to come out pack, load, transport, unload and unpack your belongings. If your wallet is not overflowing, but you have some cash to spare, pack and unpack yourself and choose a pickup and delivery service.

And if you have no money at all to spare and are just able to afford the move itself, get ready to get behind the wheel and drive a rental truck of boxes you packed and loaded to save as much cash as possible. Moving and money go hand-in-hand, often having one factor greatly affect the other.

To receive quotes from moving companies on full-service and pickup and delivery, visit Movers.com. After you have arrived safely to your new place, please take a moment to fill out a moving review so others can decide from your experience if they want to hire the company you choose.

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