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Why do my drawers keep opening?

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Asked by Dorothy

January 30, 2021 under Others

Why are my drawers opening on their own?

Answered by Staff Writer

August 3, 2021

It can be one of the most annoying things in the world when you have a drawer that continuously opening by itself with no reason why it is happening. So, what's the reason behind it and how do you fix a drawer that keeps opening by itself? Here's something you need to know.

What causes a drawer to open after closing

Uneven weight distribution: Your drawers could be opening because of uneven weight distribution. You might be having a habit of just throwing things into the front of a drawer without arranging the items in the correct way. But throwing stuff into the front of a drawer can cause a lot of extra weight at the front of the drawer and maybe the reason it is falling open. So, in order to fix your creeping drawer, take a moment to have a look inside and spread the items evenly.

Tip: Put the heavy objects at the back or in the middle of the drawer and leave the room at the front for lighter items

Uneven surface: Another reason the drawer could be opening is your drawers could be on an uneven surface. To check, place a level on top of the drawers and if the bubble goes towards the back of the cabinet, then that could be the problem. Place something underneath the cabinet to fix the problem (shims, magazines, etc.).

The glides or tacks might have come loose: Most drawers are made up of glides and tracks which are fitted with screws. It is common that these screws can become loose, resulting in the drawers being slightly tilted. If the glides or tracks slant slightly towards the front of the cabinet, this may cause your drawer to open by itself. So, check once and tighten the screws of your furniture.

A drawer that opens by itself is an easy fix and can be done by almost anyone in the home. Try the above things and fix the drawer that keeps opening.

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