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Will a 75-inch TV fit in my SUV?

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Asked by Nay

January 14, 2021 under Others

Will my 75-inch TV fit in my SUV?

Answered by Staff Writer

August 2, 2021

It is difficult to fit a 75-inch TV inside an SUV, but a minivan could better accommodate the television once you put the seats down or fold them to make some space. If you are planning to move the TV, ideally a car is not an ideal vehicle for such a large-sized, expensive item. Although most televisions nowadays are lightweight, the main concern is their size and the risk of damage during transit.

Moving a 75-inch TV inside a car

If you are transporting your TV while moving your house, it is obvious that you would be moving a lot more items other than the television. So, you can rent a proper moving truck for such a situation. However, if you simply need to transport a newly bought TV to your house, a minivan can solve the purpose.

Moving a 75-inch TV in a minivan

Read on to find out how to move a 75-inch TV in a minivan.

Surprisingly, a 75-inch TV will easily fit inside a minivan once you fold the third-row seats into the floor, while the second-row seats are either folded or removed. Although many people choose to lay the TV box flat on the floor, manufacturers recommend that you keep it in the upright position as the bumps on the road may harm the TV screen during transit.

If you are keeping a 75-inch TV inside a minivan while it is packed in its box, it will comfortably fit inside. This is because a 75-inch TV box is typically in the dimensions of 73x44x9 inches and the back door of the minivan is usually 48-inches wide. Therefore, you can slide the TV box inside at an angle that fits through the door and then keep it up straight. The height of the minivan from the seat to the ceiling is just tall enough to fit the TV box comfortably.

How to pack a TV for moving?

If you don't already have a box for your TV, you can buy an entire TV moving kit from any store or online platform. These kits also come with foam pieces that can be used to protect the corners and prevent the TV from shifting inside the box during transit. Simply put the foam pieces in the corners, stretch wrap the TV, pack it in a box, or wrap a moving blanket around it. If there is any space left, use padding to fill in the gaps. Once the TV is packed properly, place it inside the car and use pillows, quilts, or other soft items to secure it in place.

To know more about packing a TV for a move, read our guide here.

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