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Will a mover, specialist for sure, move my sofa from my foyer to the third floor of my home?

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Asked by Randle

May 4, 2013 under Moving Labor

I purchased a sofa, 8 feet long, and needs to have it moved to the third floor of my home. I need someone who is a specialist in moving odd objects.

Answered by Staff Writer

May 10, 2013

All you need is one item moved in your home, but none of your neighbors or friends are around to help and attempting it yourself is simply not safe. Who do you call? Small movers is the answer. From moving one item or a few from room to room in your house, small movers are more than happy to help you shift around your household items.

Small movers specialize in situating large items, like a piano for instance, in different sections of your home in the case you decide it just does not look good anymore where it stands. If you have an 8-foot long sofa that you need to have carried to the third floor of your home and the company that delivered it is unable to transport it up the stairs, call a small mover to do the job.

When you are moving high-priced items, it is best to call a professional since you do not want your belonging to suffer damage. Though your friends may be willing to help, suggesting you save some money with their help rather than hire a professional, you may want to decline their offer and spend the extra cash so they and your item are not hurt or damaged during the move.

You would be surprised on how many specialty movers are out there, transporting single items for individuals who need the job done. However, between a few brawny friends who have some extra time to help, you can move large less expensive items yourself, saving money in the end. For tips on how to move a hot tub, large safe or other big items, visit the Before you Move section of Movers.com and scroll down to Specialty Items. You will not only find a list on how to safely move large objects, you will get advice on the 10 things you should not move yourself.

When you are finished getting your belonging from point A to point B, please take a moment to fill out a review, recommending the mover you choose to help you so others can get a helping hand when they need it.

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