Can You Shrink Wrap Your Furniture?
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Will shrink wrapping damage your furniture?

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April 9, 2013 under Moving Companies

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April 16, 2013

Damaging your furniture during a move is the last thing you want to happen. With so many packing materials to pick from to protect your furniture, it is hard to choose which one is the safest and most affordable. However, with little knowledge it is easy to make an informative choice.

Shrink Wrap

As one of the many alternatives available to protect furniture in transport, shrink wrap is often a popular option. The plastic stretch covering is often seen hugging furniture and mirrors being placed on a truck. The protective wrap keeps furniture from becoming scratched, torn or dirty during a move. It is also often used around boxes that have electronic equipment inside so, if it rains or snows, the cardboard does not become wet with moisture and damage the apparatus inside.

Though shrink wrap is seemingly an ideal protective packing material which moisture beads off in case of a rain or snowfall, it can also be the worst jacket for furniture in certain conditions. Weather dependent, shrink wrap can either save or ruin items. If it is raining, the material will keep water out of boxes and off plush covered couches.

On the contrary, if any moisture at all becomes trapped in the wrap that is covering a box full of electronics, the equipment can become damaged from the dampness. And if the plastic covering wrapping a couch, dresser or bed becomes heated by high temperatures, it can easily melt onto the material of the item, ruining it for good.

Other Protective Coverings

Other options besides shrink wrap include moving blankets or bubble wrap. These materials, affordable and easily accessible, can safely cover any piece of furniture that needs to be moved. A mattress cover specifically protects bedding, keeping the divan from being damaged during a move. More materials can be used to contain and cover your belongings during transport so that your materials are not ruined while you move.

When receiving quotes from moving companies at, ask about purchasing packing materials to protect your belongings. When all packing material and boxes are empty, folded and placed at the curbside for pickup after your move, please fill out a moving review form telling us about the company you choose to help you relocate.

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