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Moving to District of Columbia?

Washington D.C has perhaps the most unique history of any major city in the United States. Created in 1791 by the U.S. Congress, Washington D.C. was officially designated as the nation’s capital. Prior to the creation of Washington D.C., Philadelphia had served as the national capital.

Although the city is located within the borders of the state of Maryland, Washington D.C. is an independent district and does not belong to any state. Upon its creation in 1791, land along the Potomac River was donated to shape the district by both Virginia and Maryland, however the land on the Virginia side of the Potomac was returned to the state almost a century later.

Washington D.C. is governed by its own mayor and city council and is the home of all three major branches of the United States government, including the White House which is the home of the Preside of the United States. Washington D.C. is also the home of many nationally recognized historic landmarks, monuments and museums.

If you’re moving to Washington D.C., there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Things to Know When Moving to Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C. Climate

  • Located inland from the Chesapeake Bay area and the Atlantic Ocean, Washington D.C. has a mild climate that is very typical of most major mid-Atlantic cities. Although winters can be fairly cold with average temperatures dipping between 28-38 degrees Fahrenheit, summers tend to be a lot warmer due to a humid subtropical climate that consumes most of the mid-Atlantic area. High temperatures in the summer are known to regularly reach the high-80s and low-to-mid-90s, and can even reach as high as 100 in the late summer months around July and August. (Helpful Link: Washington D.C. Weather)

Moving Specifics

  • Registering your Car: Upon your arrival in Washington D.C. after moving to the district permanently, you have a total of 30 days to update your title and registration and have your vehicle registered in the Washington D.C. before you may be required to pay a penalty. (Helpful Link: Washington D.C. DMV)

  • Obtaining a Washington D.C. Driver’s License: A Washington D.C. Driver’s License can be obtained at any Washington D.C. DMV location. The district requires new residents to update their license from their previous state to a Washington D.C. driver’s license within 30 days of moving. If you fail to update your driver’s license within this 30-day window, you may have to pay a fine. Also, upon moving to Washington D.C., district law requires you to notify the DMV of your address change and to update all of your documents with your new address within 5 days.

  • Real Estate: The average listing price for homes in Washington D.C. is the second highest in the nation at $796,019, while the median sales price is just over $720,000. The Washington D.C. Association of Realtors is the official real estate resource for the District of Columbia.

  • Moving and Storage: If you are looking for a moving company or storage facility to help you with anything, you should check to make sure the company is registered with the United States Department of Transportation or with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


  • Among the many prestigious and world-renowned collegiate institutions located within Washington D.C., there is also a large public school system operated by the District of Columbia Public Schools, or the DCPS. The District’s extensive public school system features 123 public schools. Although the number of students enrolled in Washington D.C. public schools steadily declined over a long period of time, they recently began to rebound in 2009. The district’s school system is among the lowest-performing in the nation, but measures have been taken in recent years to improve the quality of public education. Some of the most well-known universities in the district include Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, and Howard University. (Helpful Link: Washington D.C. Public Schools)

Crime Rankings

Washington D.C. has long been known for its high crime rates. As of 2011, the city ranked 379th out of 400 cities in regards to violent crime, with a score of 183.50, which indicates that the district scored 183.50 points above the national average for violent crime.

Economy of Washington, D.C.


Washington D.C. has an economy that is mostly centered on business service jobs, and its main industries are focused in the education, public policy and finance sectors. Around 30% of the jobs in Washington D.C. are jobs in the federal government. The district is the leading city in foreign real estate investment and was recently voted by Forbes as the second best city for long-term housing markets in the United States, so it is expected to rebound quickly despite the recession.

Employment Statistics

  • As of early 2012, the District of Columbia had an unemployment rate of 9.8 percent. In the state of Illinois, the civilian labor force is comprised of over 300,000 citizens, approximately 263,000 of which are currently gainfully employed and a little less than 40,000 who are unemployed. (Helpful Link: Washington D.C. Department of Employment Services)

Average Income

The median household income in the District of Columbia is $40,127, while the average per capita income for the state is $28,659.

Important Locations in Washington, D.C.

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Interstate Relocation Systems LLC
I recently used this company to move my studio apartment to New York City where I was starting a new job. I have a listing of all my items,including long walks,stairs,and elevators and was estimated to have 500 cubic feet of items to be moved. By the time the movers were done,the cubic footage increased to 700 feet and after all the fees,I was charged nearly double the quoted price. My items were already on the truck when I received the revised estimate,so I felt there was little I could do to stop the process. BUYER BEWARE!! This company will inflate the price and provide no recourse.
Review by : Patrick
I paid more than what they quoted ...
Green Planet Movers
Yeah, everything went fine except for their miscommunication about how long the truck was gonna take. And then when the people got here to deliver, no one met him, so I had to help him unload my truck from down a hill.
Review by : Katie
Great Experience
Greenline Relocation and Systems
The movers arrived 15 minutes early were very nice and professional. They took the time with my belongings and wrapped all my glass items and mattresses so that nothing was damaged and broken during the move. I did pay a little extra than what I was quoted but it was well worth it for the excellent service I received. My stuff arrived two days later just as it was suppose to and they did just as good a job putting the stuff in my new home as they did taking it out. I had to buy the young men lunch for the wonderful job they did. I would use this company again anytime and would recommend anyone else in need of a moving company to use them.
Review by : Callia

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