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Belgrade, MT
Billings, MT
Butte, MT
Columbia Falls
Dillon, MT
East Helena
East Missoula
Evergreen, MT
Great Falls, MT
Hamilton, MT
Helena, MT
Laurel, MT
Lewistown, MT
Livingston, MT
Miles City
Sidney, MT
Stevensville, MT
Sweet Grass
Walkerville, MT

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Moving to Montana?

One of the biggest and most expansive states in the U.S., Montana extends from the 45th to 49th parallel and also happens to be the least populous among the 50 states. The name of the state is derived from the Spanish word montana, meaning mountain. The state is known by many nicknames such as “Big Sky Country,” “Treasure State,” and “The Last Best Place.” The landscape of Montana is dotted with mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, and geysers.

Before the arrival of the European settlers, Montana was inhabited by various indigenous tribes such as the Crow, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Assiniboine, and Gros Ventres. The state witnessed a lot of strife and warfare as the Native Americans fought the Europeans for the control of the land. Hardin was the scene for the Battle of Little Bighorn.

The state is known for geological wonders such as the Triple Divide Peak in Glacier National Park where water flows into the Pacific, Atlantic, and the Hudson Bay. Yellowstone National Park is home of the largest number of geysers such as Old Faithful, Beehive, Lion, and Giantess.

If you’re moving to Montana, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Things to Know When Moving to Montana

Montana Climate

  • The highly varied topography of the state influences the climate to a large extent. The western region of the state comprises the northern part of the Rocky Mountains, while the eastern region of the state is characterized by badlands and plains that have hills here and there. The western region of the state is characterized by a Northern Pacific Coast Climate. Here the winters are milder and summers are cooler with a short growing season. In the winter, fog and low clouds are frequently seen in the valleys of the Rockies. The plains of eastern Montana exhibit a semi-arid, continental climate with a longer growing season. The mountains restrict the flow of warm pacific air into the east. Hailstorms are common in the state and cause heavy crop and property damage. Tornadoes are frequent in the plains. (Helpful Link: Montana Weather)

Moving Specifics

  • Registering your Car: You have 60 days to register and title your car in Montana from the date of the beginning of your residency in the state. Titling and registration is done at any county treasurer's office. At the time of application, you have to submit your out-of-state title, paperwork of the vehicle, and title and security interest fees. After you pay the taxes and fees, the vehicle is registered and new license plates are issued. (Helpful Link: Montana DMV)

  • Obtaining a Montana Driver’s License: You have 60 days to apply for a Montana non-commercial driver's license and 30 days to apply for a commercial driver's license. You need to produce proof of identity, proof of Montana residency, and proof of authorized presence. You are also required to pass the written, driving, and vision tests. If you are in possession of a valid out-of-state license, then the examiner may waive written and driving tests.

  • Real Estate: The average listing price for homes in Montana is $453,116, while the median sales price is just over $151,300. The Montana Association of Realtors is the official real estate resource for the state of Montana.

  • Moving and Storage: If you are looking for a moving company or storage facility to help you with anything, you should check to make sure the company is registered with the United States Department of Transportation or with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.


  • The board of public education created by the Montana Constitution oversees the functioning of elementary and secondary schools and the Montana school for the deaf and blind. The board decides the standards of accreditation for Montana schools and teacher certification. It also is involved with the policies regarding special education of handicapped and gifted and talented students. Higher education is comprised of the Montana University System (MUS) and colleges. The MUS consists of 14 public universities such as the University of Montana, Montana State University College of Technology, Dawson Community College, and Miles Community College. (Helpful Link: Montana Schools)

Crime Rankings

As of 2011, Montana was ranked 12th out of 50 states in violent crime, with a total of less than 20 violent crimes for every 100,000 people in the state.

Economy of Montana


The economy of Montana is driven by four major sectors – mining, agriculture, livestock, and tourism. The state is the leading producer of wheat, barley, and hay. Beans, potatoes, sugarbeets, and black cherries are other important crops. Montana boasts of some of the biggest cattle ranches in the country on which cattle, sheep, and hogs are raised. Coal and petroleum are mined while gold, silver, copper, and lead are produced based on the demand. Tourism is an important revenue generating sector to the state, as millions of tourists visit Glacier and Yellowstone parks for their geological and natural wonders.

Employment Statistics

  • As of early 2012, the state of Montana had an unemployment rate of 6.2 percent, which is markedly lower than the national average of 8.2 percent. (Helpful Link: Montana Department of Labor)

Average Income

The median household income in the state of Montana is $43,872, while the average per capita income for the state is $23,836.

Important Locations in Montana

  • State Capital: Helena
  • Largest Cities:
    1. Billings
    2. Missoula
    3. Great Falls
    4. Bozeman
    5. Butte

  • Major landmarks and attractions: Our Lady of the Rockies; Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument; Pine Creek Lake; Big Hole National Battlefield; Alder Gulch; Rocky Boy Indian Reservation; Pompey's Pillar; Afton Canyon. (Helpful Link: Top Tourist Attractions in Montana )

  • National Parks:
    1. Glacier National Park
    2. Yellowstone National Park
    3. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
    4. Big Hole National Battlefield

  • State park System: The state consists of 54 state parks and two major national parks – Glacier and Yellowstone. These parks consist of geologic wonders such as geysers, pristine lakes and prehistoric sites - sites that offer cultural and outdoor recreation. Yellowstone is one of the intact natural ecosystems that are home to the grizzly bear, wolves, elks, and bison. Glacier National Park is considered as a hiker’s paradise. These parks allow you to indulge in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, mountain biking, trekking, fishing, horseback riding, camping, boating, and wildlife watching. (Helpful Link: Montana Department of Natural Resources)

  • Major Airports:
    1. Billings Logan International Airport
    2. Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport
    3. Great Falls International Airport
    4. Glacier Park International Airport
    5. Missoula International Airport

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