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NVIf you're looking for a Nevada Moving Company that can provide you with the best moving rates for your Local Move or Long Distance Move, then there is no better place to come than! Here you'll find an extensive and constantly growing collection of licensed, insured NV Professional movers that are fully equipped to handle your next move with care, whether you're moving to Nevada or from NV.

At, we're aware that finding affordable and reliable Nevada residential movers can be a difficult process and put added stress on your relocation. So we make things easier for you by providing you with some of the best full service movers Nevada has to offer.

Long Distance Moves bring with them a list of challenges that can be stressful for just about anyone, but finding a long distance moving company doesn't have to be one of those challenges. takes pride in finding the best affordable Nevada long distance movers and it can be one of the easiest parts of the relocation. Whether it's interstate movers or NV out of state movers you're looking for, or whether you want NV full service moving companies, packing services, or simply furniture movers, you can find whatever you're looking for right here among our directory of Nevada movers.

You'll be sure to find all that and more, as well as an extensive database of NV moving reviews, long distance movers, and local movers of Nevada at your disposal.

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Las Vegas, NV
Mesquite, NV
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North Las Vegas
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Reno, NV
Spanish Springs
Sparks, NV
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Stateline, NV
West Wendover
Willow Beach
Zephyr Cove

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Moving to Nevada?

When you think of Nevada, it’s hard not to picture Las Vegas, and all of the lights and excitement that is synonymous with “Sin City,” however there is much more to Nevada than the casinos and shows of the Vegas strip. Nevada is an untamed frontier with sweeping desert landscapes and soaring mountains that paint the horizon in every direction. Most of the state is still wilderness, with almost 75 percent of Nevada being classified as federally owned forest or wilderness preserves. Most of the big cities in the state, including Vegas and Reno, the “Biggest Little City in the World” are located towards the southern parts of the state, leaving the northern regions as mostly open land.

Even if the thrill of Las Vegas isn’t quite your scene, there is a little bit for everyone in Nevada, and lying cradled between Utah, Arizona, and California, it’s literally in the middle of just about everything. With Lake Tahoe lying to the west near the California border, and the Grand Canyon to the southeast in nearby Arizona, Nevada is certainly the place to be.

If you’re moving to Nevada, there are a lot of things you’re going to need to know. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place.

Things to Know When Moving to Nevada

Nevada Climate

  • Nevada has an arid desert climate that varies depending on your elevation or location within the state. During the winter months, it can get quite cold at times and temperatures can regularly drop to the low-to-mid 30s. Snow is not uncommon in higher elevations, especially in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. During the summer, temperatures can be extremely high from June through August, especially in the valley and in the Las Vegas area. Average temperatures are anywhere from 100-110 degrees during these months. The spring and summer seasons are also known to bring an incredibly dry warm air into the region as well. (Helpful Link: Nevada Weather)

Moving Specifics

  • Registering your Car: Upon your arrival in Nevada after moving to the state permanently, you have a total of 30 days to update your registration and have your vehicle registered in the state before you may be required to pay a penalty of up to $1,000. Students and active members of the military stationed in Nevada are still able to keep their out-of-state registration. You must also provide proof of insurance from the state of Nevada to renew your registration. (Helpful Link: Nevada DMV)

  • Obtaining a Nevada Driver’s License: A Nevada Driver’s License can be obtained at any Nevada DMV location. The state requires new Nevada residents to update their license from their previous state to a Nevada driver’s license within 30 days of moving. If you fail to update your driver’s license within this 30-day window, you may have to pay a fine.

  • Real Estate: The average listing price for homes in Nevada is $340,983, while the median sales price is just over $309,995. The Nevada Association of Realtors () is the official real estate resource for the state of Nevada.

  • Moving and Storage: If you are looking for a moving company or storage facility to help you with anything, you should check to make sure the company is registered with the United States Department of Transportation or with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. (Helpful Link: Nevada State Moving Resource Page)


  • The Nevada state educational system is comprised of a vast network of districts spread throughout the state and containing all levels of education, from elementary schools to middle schools and high schools. The public education system in Nevada is governed by the Nevada Board of Education and the network of higher education institutions comprises the Nevada System of Higher Education. This network contains a number of collegiate institutions including the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV), the University of Nevada-Reno and the University of Nevada, among many others. (Helpful Link: Nevada Schools)

Crime Rankings

As of 2011, Nevada was ranked 50th out of 50 states in violent crime, with a total of around 40-50 violent crimes for every 100,000 people in the state.

Economy of Nevada


The economy of Nevada is built on the foundation of tourism, and it is tourism that largely drives the state’s economy and is a major contributor of revenue for the state. Between the millions of tourists that flock to the Las Vegas and Reno areas every year, and the billions of dollars spent in the casinos and restaurants and on tours to attractions like the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon, Nevada thrives on tourism. In addition to tourism, mining is also still a major contributor to the Nevada economy, with gold, silver, copper and lithium being the most commonly mined minerals.

Employment Statistics

  • As of early 2012, the state of Nevada had an unemployment rate of 12.0 percent, which is currently the highest unemployment rate in the country and much higher than the national average of 8.2 percent. (Helpful Link: Nevada Department of Labor)

Average Income

The median household income in the state of Nevada is $55,726, while the average per capita income for the state is $27,589.

Important Locations in Nevada

  • State Capital: Carson City

  • Largest Cities:
    1. Las Vegas
    2. Reno
    3. Carson City
    4. Henderson
    5. Paradise
    6. Spring Valley

  • Major landmarks and attractions: Las Vegas strip; Hoover Dam; Stratosphere Hotel and rides; Cirque du Soleil; Lake Mead Recreation Area; Red Rock Canyon; The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno; Lake Tahoe; Virginia City Old West tours; Death Valley; Mojave Desert (Helpful Link: Top Tourist Attractions in Nevada)

  • National Parks:
    1. Death Valley National Park
    2. Great Basin National Park
    3. Lake Mead National Recreation Area

  • State park System: Nevada is mostly comprised of wilderness, so there are a great number of parks that span the state from top to bottom, from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Lake Mead and Lake Tahoe. The Nevada state park system provides many opportunities to appreciate the natural wonders of Nevada by hiking, fishing, biking and hunting. (Helpful Link: Nevada Department of Natural Resources)

  • Major Airports:
    1. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
    2. Reno-Tahoe International Airport
    3. North Las Vegas Airport
    4. Boulder City Municipal Airport
    5. Elko Regional Airport

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Moving Tips & Guides
Common Company Policies
If you’ll be using their packing services make sure that they do an in-house survey. It will give them a better idea of what you’ll be moving and you can ask them more questions. When loading and unloading they should have all the proper equipment to prevent damage to you items and to prevent injury to themselves and to you.
Moving Frauds and Scams
Scams unfortunately exist in all facets of business and it’s important to know how to avoid them. Moving frauds and scams are especially common these days, and they are an unfortunate evil that comes with trusting your belongings to dishonest movers, so familiarize yourself with the warning signs so you can avoid disaster and prevent yourself from falling victim to one of these prevalent moving scams.
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Perform a background check
You’d be surprised to find out how many fake moving companies there are. You need to screen your moving company before hiring them. Look at user reviews for your company. Also make sure they have all of the necessary documentation and are certified movers. Keep in mind that just because a moving company is certified, it doesn’t’ mean that they are good and unwilling to scam you.
Dealing with a Bad Moving ...
Sometimes, as hard as you try to avoid it and as much preparation and planning as you put into you, you suffer the unfortunate experience of having a bad move. Whether it's from circumstances that you have no control over, like weather or timing, or whether it's due to an unfortunate choice of moving company, a bad moving experience is bound to happen if you move often enough. This guide will give you some helpful advice on how to deal with a bad moving experience.

Recent Moving Reviews
Move 4 Less
We had not made a long distance move before. We had heard numerous horror stories, so we were quite worried about what was about to happen to us. Move4Less was recommended to us by the Las Vegas Better Business Bureau. They showed up on time, packed everything VERY CAREFULLY, seeing them at work eased many of our concerns. The crew of three was neat, clean, and smiled. Let us know what they were doing, and why, to protect our furniture, etc. Very adequate padding to help avoid any damage. Great. A few days later as agreed they called to confirm the delivery date and time, and kept that appointment. They unpacked everything, put it in the proper place in our new house. Best of all, no damage to anything. WOW!!! ********** 10 stars of 5 stars top rating scale.
Review by : Jose
Definitely will recommend them
Triple 7 Movers
This is the second time I've used this company. Leeor was so helpful, accommodating, and very professional in organizing the move. She answered all my questions and was so thoughtful with my concerns. Vicki and his two guys showed up on time and were awesome. They were so careful, and also very efficient in moving every box, helping me pack up the remaining items, and disassembling and reassembling all the furniture. Definitely recommend and will use them again!
Review by : Joshua
West Coast Movers-East Coast
I initially was having problems with another mover. This moving company contacted me and stated they would be able to resolve my moving issues. The representative that sold me on this company with Desiree. Doesn't Raeh insured me that by getting my furniture out with their moving company by February 24,2017 I would have my furniture in Texas by march 3,2017 as I advised Desiree I would be moving in on the first. On Tuesday,February 28,2017 I contacted this moving service to see if I would be receiving my furniture around 1 March. This moving company advised me that if my belongings need it to be stored they would be stored in Texas so an easy delivery can be done. When I called on February 28,2017 they advised that my furniture was still in Las Vegas and had not even been shipped to Texas yet. I initially paid $400 for pick up. West Coast movers or revolution movers as they stay but when I search it comes up as West Coast movers expect me to give them $600 upon delivery and my furniture is not being delivered as promised. Because of this I now have to buy air bed dishes other things so I can survive in an empty apartment. The manager Cassie argues me down she has no compassion for humanity or understanding as I am explaining to her my frustration she calls me back and said my things will not be on the truck from five days from this point . The problem that I have with this is that on Tuesday one of her workers Erika stated that I would have the truck would be leaving on the weekend.. The problem that I have with this is that on Tuesday one of her workers Erika stated that the truck would be leaving on the weekend. Well the weekend is here. Today is Friday and now I have to wait five more days past the weekend. And once my belongings get to Texas I still have to wait a total of five days 3 to 5 business days to receive my furniture. She continues to bring up that I signed a contract worker worker put on this contract that I would get my things on March 27,2017. Her worker was in my apartment dizzy stating that he is tired. He kept saying that he did not feel good he said that this would be his last job for the day and he would be going home so I offered him medicine to make him feel better and you want to stay on my contract and now I am without furniture. He kept saying that he did not feel good he said that this would be his last job for the day and he would be going home so I offered him medicine to make him feel better and you want to stay on my contract and now I am without furniture Beware if you want a smooth move do not use this company I will be doing all I can to get satisfaction for being without my furniture and an empty apartment for two weeks.
Review by : Reginald

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