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3.1(29) Reviews
Accuracy of Estimate 2.9
Moving Services 3.2
Packing Services 3.2
Professionalism 3.1

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Year of Estd: 4/3/2017

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A Couple Of Movers
617 N Dixie Hwy
HallandaleFL 33009 USA

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Toll Free: 888-808-5303
Phone: 954-804-6339

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No Photo Jess
October 30, 2020



I was contacted by Two Man Moving LLC who does not exist and was quoted 450 all inclusive. The movers showed up an hour late and stood in the parking lot smoking and on their phones while I moved boxes into the truck. They tried to leave my appliances behind claiming they needed a wrench from me, that they had of their own. I unscrewed the items with my hands and they were disgusted. They took things they were not to load, the went through my belongings including a weapons safe to stage a picture with my medicine to try to black mail me and extort me, prevent me from calling the police. The police held them over 6 hours they refused to take anything but cashapp which my bank will not authorize and they left with my things. They took things such as stuffed animals and blankets that were to be left behind and were not packed or in the area of boxes packed, my child is heart broken. They stole my prescription controlled substances and my fire arm, the police in multiple jurisdictions are on it. These bozos showed up instead of the Two Man Moving who told me they were two men and a truck who has stellar reviews. This is the Russian mob, stay the hell away! I'm going to have to sue.

Origin : Orlando
Destination : Tampa

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $2,800.00

No Photo Carlos
October 28, 2020



They quote you a price and then take your stuff until you pay them almost 5 times of what they said the price was going to be. NEVER USE THEM! They are thieves

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $375.00
Actual Price : $1,451.00

No Photo Jose
October 23, 2020



All the others reviews are true,Joe makes a great sales pitch and quotes 1 price and then it ends up being completely different and so expense!!! quotes at about 275 and final price ended up being 1225!!! crazy charges for some plastic wrap and travel fees and lifting fees. they pack your furniture in the truck and then hold it there and won't unload until you pay. they like only getting cash and will charge you 10% transaction fee if you insist to pay with card. YOUVE BEEN WARNED

Origin : Miami, fl
Destination : Miami, fl

Quoted Price : $275.00
Actual Price : $1,225.00

No Photo Salam
September 19, 2020


Russian mafia scams

Stay away from this company, this is the worst experience ever, they quote cheaper price then they hijack you stuff till you pay, I call police but police can do much, they charge you 5% for credit cards, but it may be worth because I call the bank and they hold the money for about 2 month and then dispute for the half of the amount another 2 month, but at the end we have to pay, they just don't gime me even an invoice, I have pictures and videos,

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $225.00
Actual Price : $1,050.00

No Photo Mark
July 23, 2020


Stay away. Literally the worst moving ...

- The truck arrived 2h30 late with a false excuse - The manager Michael answered my first call to apologize for being late then made up an excuse saying the truck had an issue with a tire and told me he was sending another team from Aventura. - The truck driver locked the truck on arrival,leaving keys inside. another 15 min waste. - The movers came with me for estimate but I had to tell them to take carts with them in order not to waste more time coming back down empty hands. - The truck driver made me sign a contract adding fuel and driving time fees that were not supposed to be there ("no hidden fees,my friend"). I refused to sign and been asked to call their manager. This one no longer answered my calls. Time was running and I only could book our building elevator until 4 pm so decided to sign. - We were 3 people helping out a couple of movers to bring down all the bulk stuff to the truck and in our own personal cars (SUV) so as to save time and make it in time. - All our stuff was well prepared (50 boxes),furniture disassembled,nothing valuable (no packing or protection necessary),and we closed the truck's door at 2:14 pm (I still had to warn them about some furniture not attached properly inside...). As I walk to my car to lead the way,They tell me they had to stop at gas station on the way (seriously???). So I decided to go and wait for them at my new home (15 min away). Only 45 min they showed up,no explanation,no apologies. - The truck driver asked me to pay full amount before they unload the truck. "new policy" they said. Again,I refused. He said,"call my manager". As he never answers anymore,I told them to have him call me. Which he did. On the phone,I told Michael,"so you finally return my call...". In an angry voice he replied and shouted "No,I am calling you. You were bitching all day to have it done before 4 pm for your fucking elevator,and we made it in time! Now,pay your fucking bill!" Yes,indeed,all done before 4 pm,thanks to our own helpers. And if they weren't 2h30 late,it could be 1 pm at that time. - As the manager hung up the phone without listening to me (he was talking over me),I was afraid the truck leaves with all my stuff so I called the police (local residence patrol). In the meantime,being stuck with time,decided once again to pay,based on their estimate of unloading time. After I signed,the truck driver (who was a very nice person,always calm and repeating it is not his company,he's just a mover),told me everything I needed to know: > The team in charge of my moving were originally the team of Aventura since the beginning. There was no other team ever involved. They were late because of their previous client. > Manager never answers the phone so the client has no other choice than paying (in 99% of the time). > The contract I signed is perfectly illegal and I should never sign such a contract. The movers unloaded the

Origin : Hallandale Beach, FL
Destination : Hollywood, FL

Quoted Price : $375.00
Actual Price : $564.00

No Photo Jeff
May 8, 2020


Horrible Move - Don't Use Them

They were nice when giving me a quote. But that was it. Moved from a 2nd flr -2 bdrm apt. They dropped a large pc of furniture down 12 stairs, along with 3 add'l pcs of furniture damaged and I never got paid on the claim. They forged my signature on the contract without me knowing. I had every box packed and ready to go but it still took an entire day to move 10 miles away. They stood around outside smoking instead of working. Overcharged me more than double the quote for packing materials and time and then at the house delivery, they informed me if I didn't pay them WHAT THEY WANTED, the truck would not be unloaded. I suggest you pick another company. I never got paid on the claim because they use a 3rd party company that never responded.

Origin : Sunrise, FL
Destination : Davie, FL

Quoted Price : $450.00
Actual Price : $1,110.00

No Photo Myexperince
March 12, 2020


CROOKS! I can´t believe their business ...

One of the worst experiences. Spoke to "Carlos" who explained how everything was included (gas, materials etc), he seemed nice, but it turns out he is only a broker or so he says... obviously part of the scam. Never gave me a quote, he just said $95 per hour and that included disassembly and assembly of beds. The day of the move 3 big "Eastern" guys show up half an hour late. Only one spoke some English. They were from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan or close by. They were have sleep and started using our bathroom where they would each spend a long time. They made us sign a paper that only said $95 per hour and they were charging us $70 for gas which was supposed to be included according to Carlos. They looked around wasting time. During the first hour they broke our queen bed to pieces, ended up only taking the mattress. They were super rude, slow, not caring, they also broke a coffee table. It took them 5 hours to load and 3 bd apartment leaving many things behind. When we arrived to the new building (4 minute drive) we were very tight with elevator schedule etc and they said we had to pay them $1,200 to unload, at that point we confirmed it was all extorsion, professional scammers, we called the police but the crooks are so used to it that they didn´t care when the cops came. We spent 2 more hours arguing, calling Carlos who was ignoring us, calling the company itself who are the biggest scammers... the police could only get involved if they disappeared with our stuff, they warned them they would spend the night in jail if they did, other than that it was a civil case and not criminal and they know it. We ended up paying what they wanted, plus $100 more in cash (their last minute request) in order for them to start moving. The whole move took 12 hours (my new building was very flexible with the hours), it cost us twice as much and they did not finish the job at all (that´s the worst part since we have 3 kids and we could not spend the night there). They put many things in the living room blocking eveything. Never carried anything upstairs, they did not assembly anything. They left many things in front of the elevator which we had to move ourselves, left a sofa bed in the lobby all night and they disappeared without telling us. They probably use the cash to get drunk every night so they can deal with the human waste they are (not only the 3 amigos, but also "carlos" and everyone involved in the scam. I hope Karma really works... there are many, many other companies you could use.... unfortunately, I was so busy last week I didn´t read the reviews, I wished I had...

Origin : Miami
Destination : Miami

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $1,300.00

No Photo Rolando
March 2, 2020


Worst experience ever!! SCAMMERS!! ...

The company communicates with us after entering our telephone number to a website for a quote, Carlos the telephone operator offered us USD95 per hour, for 3 people, the additional hours would cost an additional USD95 per hour. The original quote was USD600, working 6 hours for a one bedroom apartment and only 30min by car between origin to destiny. This price supposedly included everything, disassembly and assembly of some furniture, and protection with furniture blankets. If however the day of the move came 3 drunk guys, they are 3 Russians of which only one speaks English therefore it is impossible to communicate with them. A different contract appeared at this time where they added an additional hour for USD95 transfer and in addition to USD65 for fuel charges. We tried to communicate with Carlos who simply disappeared and did not answer any of our calls or messages. As you are scheduled for that day with the move you are forced to sign these additional costs, otherwise you will be left without making your move. Finally, we started moving, but when we arrived at the destination, before moving the furniture from the truck, they began to recalculate the costs and added an additional cost of USD500 to cover the furniture with the blankets and 25 rolls of adhesive tape, however we insist that Quote included all costs. Our price of USD600 became another of USD1,100. Then we tried again to communicate with Carlos, who definitely disappeared. We had to negotiate, the situation was very tense and unpleasant and they proposed to lower the cost to 1,000 ... they adjusted the billing for the USD700 company and proposed us to pay USD300 as tips for them. They insisted that either we took the original cost of 1,100 or the new cost of 1,000, we tried to lower the cost and negotiate but it was impossible, we were in this one hour, until you have to accept forced because otherwise they would not leave the furniture in the Department. We wanted to end the bad time we agreed and we had to pay US700 with credit card and USD300 in cash as tips for them, if they did not agree they would not do the job. Finally they finished the work quickly and damaged some furniture, they even left some of our boxes in the hall outside our apartment. Without doubt the worst experience working with drunk and scammers. The company and its telephone contact disappear and you remain without the possibility of claims. PLEASE DO NOT CONTRACT A COUPLE OF MOVERS!

Origin : miami
Destination : miami

Quoted Price : $600.00
Actual Price : $1,000.00

No Photo Sabrina
December 2, 2019


Horrifying Experience

Moving company is fraudulent and charged my debit card over $1,035 for a move they did not complete. Workers intentionally milked the clock purposely. I found a couple of movers on Angie's list website. I filled out an online request for quotes on local moving services in the area and I received a call from a Florida office for a Californina move and they quoted me $380 including mileage for a 12 mile move from Sherman Oaks, CA to Los Angeles, CA for a one bedroom that he estimated would be 3 hours in total. I only had a sectional sofa and bedroom set, no other furniture or large appliances and just clothes shoes and kitchen and bathroom items all wrapped an properly packed in boxes before the movers arrived. The representative said they do not charge a deposit or hold up front and I could pay when the move was completed. On 11/30/19 the morning of my move the movers showed up over 30 minutes late stating they had mechanical issues with the moving truck. The movers started moving after 9:45am and literally would carry one small item on the dolly and purposely milked the clock. The movers would stand in the hallway flirting with women that lived in the apartment building while on the clock. They were on multiple cellphone calls and spoke in a different language possibly Russian. On a dolly that fit 3 boxes the movers would take one box at a time on purpose to milk the clock. I called the Florida phone number the 1st hour during the move to report what the movers were doing intentionally to extend the move beyond the quoted 3 hours. We arrived at the new location around 1:30pm and the movers handed me a piece of paper and stated that in order to unload mystuff I had to pay $1200 up front in cash or credit card. I asked for what and they stated that they are estimating the hours it will take to unload and complete the move. I said you are completing fraud and I called the Florida office again and they threatened me stating that they keep all my belongings and would place my items in storage and charge a daily rate on top of the $1200, double drive time and additional fees if I didnt pay right now. I explained that it was illegal to make me pay for hours of their time if they havent completed the move or worked during those hours. The man said sign the paper or we keep your stuff. They intimidated me and my 64 year old mother. They were yelling at us and coercing me to sign the paper if I wanted to keep my belongings. I signed the paper and I begged them to be honest and do the right thing. The guys in person said pay us $1035 for 9 hours, which it was around 2pm in order to keep my stuff. I handed them my debit card and they charged me. They started unloading the truck and what I didnt realize is they were leaving my items on the curb outside and it was raining. The guys came back up with empty dolly's and stated that for an additional small fee they would bring the rest of my items to my apartment. I started crying and asked them to be honest decen

Origin : Sherman Oaks, CA
Destination : Los Angeles, CA

Quoted Price : $380.00
Actual Price : $1,035.00

No Photo Cristina
November 9, 2019


One of the worst

This company should not be in service. They start off with a low quote and then by the time the job is over the amount is doubled. If they had sent strong,hardworking,efficient men then the job would have taken two hours less. However the company sent two individuals who were not physically capable,they were lazy and moved with no urgency. We paid for their lunch and they stopped working to eat in their truck,however they charged us for the time spent eating. We only offered food to see if that would help with motivation but it did no such thing. They wanted to unload the entire contents into our garage and when we told them our belongings would need to go into the upstairs bedroom,they sighed,rolled their eyes,and left everything in disarray. I expected them to put drawers back into dressers,assemble our beds,put bookshelves back together... as it was in our apartment how they found them. My husband is a disabled veteran and I am pregnant. This is why we hired movers. The job was left half done. They said that they do not do that. They demanded a tip and claimed they did not have change when it came to payment,we ended up paying an extra $40 because supposedly they did not have change but a tip was not earned. If we had gone with another company,the job would have been done in half the time with vigor and hustle. Perhaps a tip would have been earned if they sent people who were cut out for the job.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Hialeah

Quoted Price : $255.00
Actual Price : $455.00

No Photo Vanessa
July 29, 2019


Asked to reschedule after waiting for ...

All the negative reviews are TRUE. Stay away from this company unless you are okay with them rescheduling your move for another day after making you wait for hours. I spoke with Ivan who assured me that my movers would arrive between 12-1pm. I informed Ivan that the move needed to be complete by 4pm and he insisted that would not be a problem for a one-bedroom move, less than one mile away. I requested the time off from work and called Ivan at 8:30am on move day to confirm we were all set. Ivan again assured me that we were all set. Around 1:15 I started to get nervous and called Ivan at 1:30 to see if everything was okay. Ivan informed me that the movers were on their way, which was a lie! Finally at 2pm, Andre (the only honest person working at this company?!) calls me to ask me to reschedule for the following day as the movers were still over one hour away. With my 4pm elevator deadline, that simply wouldn't work and I was left scrambling to find another mover for the next day. Not sure how this place is still in business, but all the negative reviews are TRUE. I only wish I had read the reviews before. Now my move is delayed by a day and I still need to request an additional day off of work.

Origin : Miami Beach
Destination : Miami Beach

Quoted Price : $270.00

No Photo Steven
July 28, 2019


Overcharges and late

THEY WILL TRY TO CHARGE YOU ALMOST DOUBLE WHAT THEY QUOTE YOU. I was originally quoted $833 for one bedroom set. I needed to move one bed frame,one dresser,and two night stands. They came late,(supposed to come between 10 and 11,showed up at 1),then didn't arrive to the second location until 7pm. Then they charged me over $1100,after they tried arguing we owed them $1,400. I will never use this service again. If you're considering moving,don't use them. They're not affordable and not worth the headache.

Origin : Cutler bay Florida
Destination : Palm Bay Florida

Quoted Price : $833.00
Actual Price : $1,177.00

No Photo Sean
July 12, 2019


Great movers! very happy

Family run business, very clear from the beginning, quote was accurate and a lot different from my previous movers. Will recommend and use in the future. Ask for Ivan when calling, he will explain every details about your move. Very happy! :)

Origin : Sunny Isles
Destination : Aventura

Quoted Price : $649.00
Actual Price : $649.00

No Photo Shawn
June 5, 2019



BEWARE!! Read the entire review. DO NOT use this company. I have serious doubts about the good reviews that are listed because other places have nothing but terrible reviews about them. Here’s my experience. Starting off, they showed up over an hour late. That should’ve been my warning sign but it was Sunday so I figured they were just moving slow. I was told over the phone when setting up the move, that there would be “additional items” that I could purchase such as plastic wrap, mattress bags, etc to protect my stuff. When the movers got there, they also gave me a form that had these, and several other, options of items to pick. I pick that I wanted to have 2 plastic mattress bags to protect my and my daughters mattress from getting dirty or damaged, at a cost of $20 each. I also asked about plastic wrap for my bedroom suite which was a very heavy and expensive set. The mover said no problem and went about his business. As they were moving things out, I noticed that nothing was getting wrapped and the mattress were not in the bags and I asked. The mover then told me that they didn’t have any plastic wrap for the furniture. I asked about the mattress bags and he said he did not have those either but he was just going to lay a blanket on the floor of the truck to keep it from getting dirty. Never mind the fact that he WAS NOT going to tell me they didn’t have them and go head and charge me the amount for them anyway. One of the movers kept constantly just standing around, checking his phone while his foreman was in the back of the truck. I later found out he was brand new. This guy also kept asking me what I was going to do with various items that they were moving, ie a PlayStation, a TV…he wanted me to give them to him. This same guy also asked me for food when we got to my house later. After we got to the house that I was moving to and they opened the back of the truck I notice my stuff is all over the place like they had not strapped or tied it down at all. Needless to say, EVERY SINGLE PIECE of my furniture now has damage on it. I get when you move, there’s always going to be a few nicks and bumps, but there is some MAJOR damage to my stuff. I am not exaggerating at all when I say every single piece. I told them I was not going to pay for the move until I talked to a supervisor. They called their boss who DID NOT want to talk to me at all. He told me “you have to pay and then file a claim Monday”. Their boss, not knowing that his guy had him on speaker, told his foreman to call the police if I didn’t pay. I should’ve not paid and let them take that action. For those of you out there that don’t know, don’t let some scumbag threaten you with this. The police WILL NOT get involved in a situation like this. I laughed at the guy and told his guys to go ahead and call them. They did not. To top it off, every time I would walk away, they were hitting on my 23 old daughter. Yeah, very professional. Not to mention it took

Origin : Orlando, FL
Destination : Titusville, FL

Quoted Price : $240.00
Actual Price : $520.00

No Photo Brooke
May 2, 2019



THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM - NOBODY WILL HELP YOU AND THEY WILL NOT SHOW UP I scheduled this company to help me move one single couch. I set it up so that the couch would be picked up at 1:30 so it could be delivered to my apartment. When 20 minutes had passed after the scheduled pickup time I called an employee named Joe who I had scheduled the move with and asked him what happened. He gave me excuses about traffic and the weather etc...I had to call my building and reschedule the pickup time as Joe said that the earliest the drivers could arrive would be 1.5 hours later at 3:30. He assured me that they would definitely be able to arrive by that time. At 3:30 the drivers were STILL NOT THERE. Upon calling the office back, another employee told me that there was no move scheduled under my name or phone number. I called Joe back and he said that the drivers cancelled the move because they were not able to arrive by 3:30, however I was NEVER NOTIFIED of this. I wasted four hours of my day trying to schedule with this company and nobody working there cares in the least. When dialing the company's phone number and pressing the option for a manager, it takes you straight to a voicemail. Please stay away from this company at all costs and read other reviews about how bad they are.

Origin : Aventura, FL
Destination : Aventura, FL

Quoted Price : $200.00

No Photo Oneika
April 12, 2019


My Move 3/31/19

My window for the move was from 9:00 a.m. -10:00 a.m. Aleksei and Vlad arrived to my studio at 9:10 a.m. My move time was clocked in at 9:15 a.m. They were professional and quick. They had my items on the truck within 25 minutes. Since I had moved my smaller items, they only had to move my furniture (dining set, living room set and day bed). Once we arrived to my new apt, they assessed the hallway, doors, and elevator to plan how best to move my furniture to the 6th floor. They did have to disassemble some things in order for them to move through smaller spaces. They did have blankets for items that were placed on the ground and were very careful with my marbled table tops. They clocked me out at 11:47 a.m. There was a 3% fee for using my debit card. I did add gratuity. Ivan scheduled my move and offered me the best quote. We had to change the date and he was very accomodating.. He was very thorough in his explanation and patient in terms of answering all of my questions. I would recommend A Couple of Movers.

Origin : Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Destination : Sunrise, FL

Quoted Price : $240.00
Actual Price : $307.00

No Photo Pooja
March 17, 2019


Very dissaponted! DO NOT USE THEM

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! - They took 7 hours instead of 3 to complete our move. - They were unequipped to do the work - They moved extra slow despite being told they needed to hurry up as we only had a limited amount of time - They struggled to dismantle furniture - They threatened to call the police if we didn’t pay. - The sales guy Joe sells you everything but delivers nothing. - The owner Stan (or sometimes goes by the name Jose) puts the phone down on you when you call to make a complaint. I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM USING THEM.

Origin : Miami
Destination : Miami

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $650.00

No Photo Susana
September 12, 2018


100% Recommended

Excellent services,from quotation until end of the move: on time,great attitude,customer oriented,responsive,accuracy,secure... my experience was overstating

Origin : Miami FL
Destination : Miami FL

Quoted Price : $1,000.00
Actual Price : $1,170.00

No Photo Hector
August 27, 2018


Excellent moving company

Hi there, I want to express my gratitud to this company for having done the best move of my life, the two movers named Michael and Ivan not only were very pollite with me and my wife but also performed an excellent job moving all my furnitures well wrapped and taped and also the many plastic bins we purchased at Home Depot to move all our belongings, these two strong guys worked very hard for eight hours and left everything in my new house in the place we wanted and put together. They even reconected my big washing machine in my new garage. Kudos for this company and his good employees. Note: the original quote was for three and a half hours but because I had so many things to move I had to pay more but I still think the service is very afordable. Hector Port St Lucie, FL

Origin : Lake Worth, FL
Destination : Port St Lucie

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $700.00

No Photo Barbara
February 17, 2018


A Couple of Movers was super helpful!

A Couple of Movers was super helpful! Their trucks were super clean, and they're a great team of people to work with. They were really prompt, and Jacob and his team even helped us wrap up our furniture and load it. They helped us unload and reassemble everything. I highly recommend A Couple of Movers for your moving experience :-)

Origin : MIAMI, FL
Destination : MIAMI, FL

Quoted Price : $1,200.00
Actual Price : $1,173.00

No Photo Olivia
February 13, 2018


Amazing service and would definitely ...

Tyler and Josh helped my boyfriend move into a three story townhouse in Miami. They had to pull up into extremely tight alleys, wrapped up all of our delicate furniture in blankets and had everything done in less than three hours! Amazing service and would definitely use them again!


Quoted Price : $240.00
Actual Price : $240.00

No Photo Liam
February 10, 2018


Number #1 in Miami

Second time customer. The team was extremely professional and courteous. Arrived 10 minutes early and never stopped working while taking extra care with items. Great reputation in Miami. Keep up the high standards. Thank you.


Quoted Price : $360.00
Actual Price : $315.00

No Photo Lorea
February 8, 2018


A Couple of Movers were great

A Couple of Movers were great. They called morning of to let me know what time they would be pulling up. Ivan explained everything before they got started, and although the elevator at my new place slowed us down a bit, they were very clear on the additional charges for the extended time. I would use them again.

Destination : KISSIMMEE, FL

Quoted Price : $300.00
Actual Price : $270.00

No Photo Jacob
December 26, 2017


Amazing experience

A Couple of Movers is the best!!! Josh, Richard and Matthew were absolutely excellent! They were kind, courteous, efficient and fast. They took great care of our belongings. It's a scary feeling when your whole life is packed into one truck. But I felt completely at ease with these guys on the job. I usually hate moving, but they actually made it a pleasant experience. Thanks guys

Origin : Miami Beach, FL
Destination : North Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $640.00
Actual Price : $680.00

No Photo Sophia
December 22, 2017


Everything was awesome

I've moved with A Couple of Movers four times, and each time I've been blown away by the whole team's professionalism and speed, from booking to paying. I'm not looking forward to my next move, whenever that may be, but I know I'll be working with A Couple of Movers again, and will continue to recommend every chance I get. Thank you guys for your excellent service.

Origin : Surfside, FL
Destination : North Miami Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $750.00
Actual Price : $832.00

No Photo Mia
December 16, 2017


I appreciate for everything

Finally I finished the repair. Immediately I bought furniture in all the rooms (3 rooms and kitchen). The shop asked a very large amount for shipping. I refused, because I spent so much. I began to look for experts in the delivery of furniture on the Internet. I approached the choice of the company with great responsibility, because the furniture was not cheap. After reading a large number of reviews, I chose this company. As a result, on the same day, furniture was brought and raised to the right floor. I watched them a little. The guys did everything neatly. Before they took a step, they checked everything several times. I recommend this company to anyone who wants to get high-quality work in a short time.

Origin : Aventura, FL
Destination : Palm Beach, FL

Quoted Price : $400.00
Actual Price : $435.00

No Photo Jay
December 12, 2017


Excellent moving service

We were about to go with another mover when I decided to look up a couple more options on movers.com. We were moving to another apartment in our building and the quotes we received from other movers were in line with much more difficult moves we had on the last. A Couple of Movers not only offered us the best price, but they also assured us the shortest move time. The move was smooth, quick, and well done. Everyone was extremely courteous and careful with our furniture, and Ivan the dispatcher followed up multiple times before, during, and after the move. I'd highly recommend them!

Origin : Bal Harbour, FL
Destination : Sunny Isles, FL

Quoted Price : $800.00
Actual Price : $840.00

No Photo Jose
December 9, 2017


Really affordable guys

Mike and Ruslan moved me out today and they were incredible! Got the job done quickly and efficiently. I was so impressed with them and A Couple of Movers in general. Super easy, very affordable, and done so well. Will absolutely recommend this moving company and if needed will use them again!

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quoted Price : $500.00
Actual Price : $550.00

No Photo Afonso
December 6, 2017


Perfect company

My move did great with this company. Victor's team was there at my apartment on time, did all paperwork and delivery all my move safety. In addition, he saw my storage 5X10 and by his experience he put all my furniture there on this storage. I thought I have to rent a big one, but Victor went there before and took a look at and was able to let me know if is fit my furniture. I really recommend this company because they are very professional, secure, has a great service and they know what are they doing.

Origin : Miami, FL
Destination : Miami, FL

Quoted Price : $280.00
Actual Price : $300.00

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